Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Enchanting Story about a Lecherous Auto Dialer

Picture this: I finish writing an article. After checking my hotmail I see 2 new Skype messages have hit my account. Voice messages. Excellent. Be an optimist, I figure, so the VM's must be Peoples Program cash gifting prospects, or online business folks looking for support concerning their online endeavors. Cool with me. More than Happy To Help.

The Awful Truth

After opening my Skype account I notice one blocked number; autodialer #1 blocked for the day, as I nailed this bad boy down a few hours before. This means the individual has been reported to Skype and if these updates pile up, down goes the account. Not a good thing. But anyway, I see what looks like a legit number. Exciting. Cash gifting folks, or internet business bloggers no doubt, who must be excited to connect with me.

Then I see 4 phone calls coming in through this number in a matter of minutes. Fishy, uber fishy, it is, because we all know impatient, desperate people do some silly stuff. So I click the play button to soak up my voicemail and voila! I am met about 4 seconds into pre-recorded auto dialer. Not good. Really not good. This lying, lecherous individual just wasted 5 minute's worth of my time. Or 2 at best. Or heck, maybe I own them a Thank You because I am churning out this post.

The truth of the matter? Time waster. Wasted money on their end. Bad news.

So I Listen in to the Liar

Why would I call this individual a liar? Easy. The person - or company - assumed I was interested. I did not opt in to any internet home business page, or cash gifting website, or blog. Oh no, all I did was check my hotmail. I was assaulted with promises of $100 to $200 each week. Great. But I never asked for this in the first place. 4 calls, one message. Empty promises. The autodialer knew no better but the person behind the buy, or the call, has much to learn. I do not care. 99% of people do not care.

Make an Impact

If you want to make an impact, stop using autodialers. Personalize your experience. Make friends. Establish connections. Create value.

Do you use autodialers?


Why not?

Please share your thoughts below.

You never have to use an autodialer if you sign up for these 21 free money making tips.

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Why Because It Is Free

2 push button words seem to resonate with your target audience. "Because" and "free." Why? Because. As for free we all know most people are beyond obsessed to snag freebies at every possible turn. Accept the fact that you will simply succeed online with your cash gifting club or internet business by staying true to set buzzwords. This is what it is.

Explaining Things Makes Your Job Infinitely Easier

"Because" means you need to find the reason why, the reason why people do what they do to experience what they experience. This astoundingly stupid simple step helps you bridge the gap between interest and disinterest. If you can simply take the time to post this word a few times, or more importantly, employ the concept to your blog, you will be astounded at how quickly and easily people respond to your copy, buy your product, use your service or join your cash gifting club.

Most People Cannot Resist the Most Simple of Freebies Even if They Must Make a Buy

As for "free" most folks cannot get enough of a free thing in the online business, internet business or offline world. Why is this? Programming. Everybody and their brother wants a freebie, even if this means buying something to get the freebie they so desire. Such is the power of subconscious conditioning from an early age.

Are you hooked on explaining why people should buy something, or join your team?

Or do you use freebie speak or freebie think to draw people in to your internet business?

How do you attract people to your cash gifting club?

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

4 Reasons Why People Join Your Team

Me by the banana trees in our current location of Monteverde, Costa the cloud forest....


Calling all people who want financial freedom.

Calling all people who are disgusted with their financial situation.

I have a secret for you.

People will join your team if....

People Trust You

People who know, like and trust you join your Peoples Program cash gifting team. People who do not know, like or trust you rarely if ever join your team.

Only the most greedy join strangers. Avoid these people like the plague. Deny entry.

Trusting people work to gain trust. Be transparent. Supply your email, phone number and Skype numbers.

Be responsive on social networks.

Gain your peep's trust.

People Dig Your Value

Valuable people provide value.

Email newsletters. Take time to create videos and blog posts.

Stop trying to get without giving. Only fools try to cheat the Universe.

Good luck with that one ;)

Help people. People help you by joining your cash gifting team.

Sow. Reap.

Posting ads all day? Ain't gonna cut it.

People Know What You Do

I am a Peoples Program Cash Gifting Mentor.

I help you make money online. No selling or recruiting involved.

Smart entrepreneurs clearly state who they are and what they do.

Struggling entrepreneurs promote the latest and greatest venture.

Stop it. Promote one venture. Be known for it.

People Admire Your Persistence

Persistent people succeed online.

Internet business entrepreneurs drill home a point.

Again and again.

Program people on a subconscious level.

Speak your message.


OK The Bonus Tip

Tell people to join. Stress the following......

Would you like to plug into a proven system to make money online?

Why struggle for years trying to make a living on the internet.

Partner with a proven cash gifting mentor.

Tap into my knowledge.

Plug into my free, step by step training tutorial via my private Facebook Training Group.

You never need to cold call a prospect.

You never need to spend a second learning the ins and outs of a product.

Your job is simple; promote a concept.

Promote an idea.

No catches here. You must work. But we help you.

We provide the training.

We provide the inspiration, to help spark your desire.

Are you excited to begin traveling the world with me?

Are you hungry to leave your financial headaches behind?

Join my Peoples Program team now.

Join My TPP Team

Yes that is me with our neighbors in Quepos, Costa.....the endangered Squirrel Monkey ;)

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