Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Do You Miss these Money Making Hot Button Words?

Lazing by the Rawai Bay in Phuket, Thailand a few months ago...I took this photo just a few minutes from our apartment in the tropical paradise...

I have to laugh. Simply placing hot button words in my blog titles results in an instant traffic spike.

My recent favorite hot button word? "Annoying", believe it or not, makes people click and share quickly.

You cannot resist certain words because you get annoyed, and so overwhelmed, angry and upset, that you just need to learn how to deal with annoying types, for your own internet business sanity.

I annoy people too, no doubt, so please, I am not excusing myself from this discussion....but I do know that being on the other side of the annoying fence can be a harrowing, agitating, experience.

Some of my favorite hot button words which generate a traffic spike and steady cash flow:

  • annoying
  • captivating
  • download
  • easy
  • free

Start your titles with "Download". Observe how quickly and easily the clickthroughs commence and if you write targeted, helpful content, the internet business cash flow increases too.

Of course you need to do 1 thing, to turn the clicks into ad revenue, or paying clients, or big ticket leads.


Delivering means being honest.

Delivering means that if you tell someone to download something through your title you better link up to an ebook, or some downloadable product.....and....

....it better be download worthy.

Because if you do not deliver, or tell the truth, you lose credibility. Easy stuff needs to be easy, for your internet business to grow.

Fun stuff needs to be fun, annoying stuff, annoying, free stuff, free...and no, if you bill something as free, then ask for someone to take 3 separate steps, to download your free internet business product, it is no longer free, because I just wasted 10 minutes of my day trying to receive your free product...

1 simple opt-in does it guys, if the product is free it should be easy to download, or receive by email.

Delivering puts the icing on the cake. So deliver.

Why Money Making?

I noted my annoying post from a few days ago snag 300 plus page views in a few days. This is good for me, especially because I write multiple posts daily.

People with 400,000 twitter followers, big league influencers, too, retweeted the post.

This puts money in my pocket as endorsements from top level pros PLUS massive audience PLUS good, targeted content means ad revenue, and paying ghostwriting clients, and all that good stuff.

Before you write an eye-catching title:

  1. make sure the title delivers
  2. follow through on your title
  3. avoid any hyped-out, silly claims

Your job as an internet marketing entrepreneur grows easier if you learn how to use words to get people to do stuff.

Easy? Not really in the beginning, but yes, it grows easier, to gain internet business success, if you practice writing for 1, 2 or 3 hours daily.

You want to make money online, right? Put in the work to see the rewards.

Do you use these hot button words with great success?

What words can you add to the list?

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