Monday, April 8, 2013

5 Tips to Become an Attractive Cash Gifting Mentor

Attraction is the name of the game. Cash gifting coaches need to attract individuals to grow their team. I learned a neat lesson in attraction on Friday at the International Auto Show in New York City.

I saw tons of hot chics, and yes, gorgeous cars. The automakers are masters at building up attracting marketing campaigns based on snaring the attention of their target market. 

Most car lovers are guys. Knowing this you are bound to run into scores of car girls, flirting/asking people questions, etc. Attraction marketing 101. Offer an eye-catching product to the right crowd and watch how quickly business grows.

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I enjoyed Friday immensely. No, not just because of all the eye candy present, but because of the neat lessons I learned concerning how to marketing your opportunity effectively.

1 – Snag Your Prospect’s Attention

I am a work at home mentor for The Peoples Program. I offer you a way to make money online without selling or recruiting. How can I snag your attention? Look up. See me traveling the world. Look to the side. See me taming tigers. Attention grabbing content. My Peoples Program team grows after I grab your attention and goad you to sign up for my list.

Snag your prospect’s attention. Use eye-catching images. The car girls? The super cars? Yeah, they did it for me.

2 – Stop Chasing

Attracting marketing: attract people to you. No chasing work at home prospects allowed. No stalking cash gifting prospects. Nope. Position yourself. Create. Connect. Have posture.

All good people and things flow to you. Law of attraction style. You are a magnet, using the law of attraction to attract fun things to do daily, until you decide to chase. Stop chasing. Begin attracting.

3 – Create Value

Create value. Shoot helpful videos. Write helpful blog posts. Publish. Solve the problems of your target market to become attractive to folks who requires your help.

Listen to the needs of your ideal cash gifting prospect. What help do they need? How can you provide solutions to these individuals, to help them make money online? Listen. Create content. Solve. Prosper.

4 – Be Transparent

People who hide away are repelling. I see some cash gifting mentors who refuse to show their face. This is like going into business with someone wearing a paper bag over their head. Trust transparent. Run away from someone who hides away, because something is wrong if they fear showing themselves.

Be transparent. Maintain an active presence on social networks. Make money online with your cash gifting club.

5 – Have Fun

If you are not having fun, why bother? Attractive gifting coaches draw in people by having fun, by playing as they create content. This is law of attraction 101 again. Have fun, attract fun situations. No sticks in the mud allowed.

The playful, prospering person detaches from outcomes. No desperation, or straining or striving. They have loads of fun which is why they are work at home successes.

Lighten up. Smile. Laugh. Prosper online. This is a quick ride, folks. You can become wildly successful quite quickly if you learn to have fun, create value and make good friends each and every day.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

How do you attract prospects?

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