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The Difference Between the East and the West and What Is Has to Do with Cash Gifting

I am back in Jersey. After 2 years on the road, traveling throughout the whole of Southeast Asia, I can honestly tell you that folks all around the world are similar in many ways.

I had a tendency to American bash at times during the trip, labeling my countrymen – and women – as people who tend to complain, be miserable and act quite unhappily throughout the day.

Per usual, the Universe taught me a few lessons the past 2 days. Number 1, the first person I saw off of the plane was a customs agent. Super friendly guy. OK, some Americans are kinda nice.

Then during my runs in NJ I am seeing more and more people smiling and asking me how I am doing. Again, pretty happy, jovial folks. The lesson: suspend judgment frequently and stop painting countries with a broad brush. Many people in Southeast Asia are happy and many people in the USA are happy.

So as for differences I must admit, I saw some stark contrasts, but the happiness issue/opinion weighed on me heavily. I made assumptions, and I learned my lesson quickly.

Cash Gifting

I made some serious assumptions in the cash gifting department too. Like, few people would visit this blog or opt in to my squeeze page, or that I could generate few cash gifts through blogging. All were narrow, restricted limiting beliefs.

In truth, you can achieve whatever you put your mind to IF you choose to stop making assumptions, clear your inner world, have faith in your gifting club and work intelligently for a persistent period of time. Persistence is key, as keeping at it helps reveal to you exactly where you need to make changes in order to succeed with your gifting club.

Stop assuming. Stop believing that a certain type of blog or squeeze page form is not going to convert for you. The energy behind your acts means everything. Carefully observe your feelings, re-align when necessary and persist like a champion in order to continually reveal your assumption blocks to you.

The West East Thing

OK, now that I in NJ, in the USA, I want to note difference between many Easterners and Westerners.

“We can learn a lot from your country about making money.” ~ Balinese Tax Driver

“We can learn a lot from your contry about how to live.” ~ Ryan Biddulph

I had an awesome discussion with my driver outside of our villa in Ubud, Bali a few months ago. He stressed the point that many of the Balinese are learning how to build businesses, make money and act in more of a professional manner.

True, many folks in Southeast Asia can learn to be a bit more professional, or focused. I would say the West is a bit different in this area. Follow the lead of the West, only in that you want to be of your word, and show up for a job when you said to show up, in order to gain the trust of your current and future customers.

I remember Joy, our real estate agent in Thailand, noting how she was having work done on your condo. Joy, who happens to be Thai, explained how many days in a row the Thai workers promised to show up to work on her place but refused to appear.

Trust in the Toilet

This is a serious breach of trust, and quite unprofessional. Granted, this is not the absolute norm among Thais, as many individuals are hard working, but it does happen quite commonly and it is a big reason why many folks struggle financially. Lack of commitment and unprofessional block your good.

As the Balinese driver noted the US can teach many struggling folks from SE Asia how to excel in the professionalism department. Show up on time. Hold your promises. Now, when it comes to cash gifting, you are wise to hold your word. Show up for trainings you promised to show for. Follow up with the training or system you promised your team. Be honest and transparent. Easy enough.

Now on To Living Inside Out Versus Outside In

When I noted how many in the US could learn about how to live from the Balinese I wanted to stress the importance of choosing your attitude. It turns out individuals from Bali, and Southeast Asia in general, are accepting of whatever happens in their life.

The majority of folks are happy no matter what happens, quickly to be grateful for whatever they own, or what they experience. This is living from the inside out, a wonderful mindset to adopt of course since you develop peace of mind and a sense of calm confidence in all you do.

This is the optimum way to make money online because no outside occurrence influences you in a negative way when you live from the inside out. The thought images you choose and the feelings you are deciding to feel have little to do with circumstances.

American Types

On the flip side, many Americans live from the outside in. All types of stuff happening on the outside affect their mood and change their overall mindset. The average American does not find peace because the circumstances around them, rule them.

These individuals worry about losing their jobs, even when things seem rosy professionally. Or they fear their wives leaving them, or perhaps they worry about the traffic they might face – or express anger over the traffic they experience now – when heading to work in the morning.

This form of outside in living forces you to lose faith in yourself. It influences you to worry incessantly about stuff out of your control and it moves you to a place where you rarely or ever accept what is. You are too busy fighting, resisting and going against any perceived obstacles which pop up in your mind.

Cash Gifting Application

This one is easy. Choose your attitude no matter how many opt ins or cash gifts you received today. Choose your mindset, then the experience follows, and since you are still choosing your mindset the experience has no bearing on how you feel. Accept what happens to you with a cheery tone.

Yes you might become angry or upset at times, and you might wonder how you are going to make money online if few cash gifting prospects show up daily but these low energy thoughts are fleeting. Focus on accepting these feelings then move forward with a positive, high energy mindset, remaining happy throughout the day despite what appearances suggest.

The Attitude Creates the Situation

This is where the Balinese are ahead of the average Westerner. The commuter spends Sunday afternoon worrying about heading to the office on Monday, and the commute, and whether they will make enough money to do this, that or the other thing.

The average Balinese is likely working on a Sunday, in the moment. Then, later on that evening, the individual will be present when their village gets together for festivities. Maybe babi guling, with some fun music, and celebrating. The presence helps these individuals remain high energy whether at work, or at home, and if the person sets high goals, they will certainly be experiencing their dreams, smiling along the way.

Cash Gifting

You know this: cash gifting success means nothing unless you are smiling along the way. You run into tough times but since you are now living from the inside out these tough times do not dictate your mood. Be cheery despite any imagined gifting resistance and the resistance disappears quite quickly. You magnetize your to success by adopting this inside out approach to gifting, and living.

Many in Bali know how to live. They are not controlled by money. Many wealthier people in the West are controlled by money.

There are a select few in the West in East who are not controlled by money yet make a ton of money. This crowd sets big goals, dreams big dreams, moves into persistent, inspired action and detaches from financial outcomes on a persistent basis. Yep, hang out with this crowd. Emulate them. Take time to study their ways and adopt their mindset.

The Differences

None of this post is a judgment. I simply call it how I see it, through careful observation. The West can learn from the East and vice-versa. Both groups of people can team cash gifting sponsors invaluable lessons by working persistently, pushing yourself out of your comfort zones and adopting a grand vision while remaining grounded in the present.

I am a bit sad to have left Asia for now but am happy to be home, ready and raring to work my Peoples Program gifting team. I have learned a great deal comparing and contrasting the 2 cultures. I feel blessed to have lived in some of the most desired hot spots and earth and am looking forward to prospering through these experiences.

Your Turn

Have you traveled throughout Southeast Asia?

What differences do you see between the West and East?

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