Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stop Fighting Skeptics

Be for. Stop being against. You can argue with the guy who feels cash gifting is a pyramid scheme but you will never win. Because the second you engage this guy you waste your energy. Against. Losing. For. Winning. Let skeptics go. Be so clear and so for your opportunity that you let go skeptics at an alarming rate. People will be stunned. They are used to fighting, to goading, to engaging.

You sing a different tune. A clear tune. You are not attached to any person. You do not need to be right. You do not need to prove yourself, or to prove people wrong. You are content to be happy, and to attract like matches, and to let all the other stuff go as you hold your intent and devote your energies to being for and not against.

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You will be challenged. By you. Yes you, you will want to fight, and to strain and strive, and to go against, and to put people in their place. But you are smart. You knowing coming from a place of power instead of force benefits all involved. All your perfect matches can find you when you are not fighting folks. They find you when you are letting go poor matches to set up a vacuum. That vacuum is filled with spectacular matches. Perfect matches.

People find you easily if you stop fighting people who do not want to find you, but who are so unclear on their lives that they would rather stick around and fight you then be happy, and release you. So let them go. Their karmic sinking ship is not the maiden voyage to board. You are intent on finding spectacular matches. You are happy to let go bad matches, and to connect with good matches.

Come from a place of love. If someone criticizes you they hurt. If someone assails you verbally they are unhappy. Intend for their happiness and release them. No sense trying to charm a raging bull, especially when docile lambs are on the way. Just release and grow.

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