Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Own Your Jealousy

My biggest block by far has been admitting that I have been jealous. I had to own the jealousy and I still need to guard against it. Or at least observe it. I might feel upset, or jealous, or envious, when I see someone have success online or offline. By owning these feelings I am free of them. I can move toward celebrating the success of others instead of getting angry at others for succeeding.

Few people admit this block because everybody wants to appear to be happy, to move in a direction of being appreciative of others' success. Me. I admit it, I resisted admitting it for a long time though. When I did let go and started to celebrate the success of others in cash gifting, or MLM or any offline niche my job because easier. I felt genuinely good about people who rocked it out online and feeling good made me magnetic to good.

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I attracted prospering ideas. I moved into action on these ideas. I prospered. So much better than lying to myself. Be truthful. You will become free of any destructive emotions when you decide to be truthful about yourself and your feelings. Learn to observe your low energy emotions, own them and then be free of them. You can go far in the online world if you are willing to own your jealously, big-time, and begin to celebrate the success of other people. This celebration just confirms one great truth: we are all connected.

When you celebrate another person's success you celebrate your own success. What a wonderful concept. You are free to be happy, to rock it out, to celebrate when other people make a great deal of money, or hit all the hot spots in the world, or fly first class.

Do not be jealous. Own the low energies, then shift. Be grateful for their success, celebrate it, and be grateful for all you have in your life right now. You will experience a quantum leap the moment you let go your envy to make room for celebrating.

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