Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Being a Prisoner

Release the fear of criticism or you will be a prisoner to other people. You will be their servant. OK you will be their bitch. Because all you do needs to be subject to their approval. You will not write the blog post because you might just piss them off, or upset them, or they might disagree with you, or maybe they will be sick of you posting hour after hour day after day. This prisoner thing might be subtle or it could be powerful.

In any case you are doomed. Really, you can forget about succeeding because you will need to ask for permission before you succeed. But if you grab the keys and free yourself by releasing the fear of criticism you will be free. You will be free to do what you want to do.

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Example: I posted once daily on this blog a few months ago. I feared posting twice a day. I might piss people off, overflowing their RSS feed. Forget the fact that I enjoyed posting and had a talent for doing it. I was fearful. I feared criticism. So I went on posting once a day. Get 50 views a day. Then I posted a few times daily and felt great. Then I joined tribes. Then I posted each day, not numbering my posts, just writing, and writing and writing.

I hit 2600 page views one day here. Not because I tried to. But because I killed the fear of criticism in the posting regard, blasted through it by posting an unlimited number of times daily, and was free, and naturally I felt great. I keep posting because I feel good posting and do not let my fear of people criticizing me for this posting style, get in my head.

I let it go. Do not fear people's opinion of you. You are way to special. You have way too much talent to let people in. Do you. Be happy. Act. Be free. Let go the fear of criticism in all its forms. If I obeyed people, if I was a prisoner, allowing their fears to sway my decisions, I would not be living in Bali now.

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