Sunday, February 3, 2013

How to Get More Page Views

You want to explode your home business. You crave to make money online fast. Slow down for a second! If your page views jump you can achieve these things with relative ease. I churn out this post watching a gorgeous sunrise in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Traveling the world, living the internet lifestyle, all because I am rocking it out on the page view front. Yep, going through the roof these days.

I am living the dream. Snapped that photo above in AWESOME Phuket, Thailand, and yeah, it is as beautiful as the photo suggests. Because my page views on this blog went from 50 a day, to 500, all the way up to 1600 page a single day! I rock it out and 1 key little tip made a huge difference.

Make Money Online

Post pictures. That is it. Get more cash gifting page views and make money online by posting more pictures on your blog. This is the fool proof way to grab the attention, bump up your views and send your cash gifts received into orbit. This is how you drum up home business sales fast. People live through their senses, rightly or wrongly, and if you can appeal to this tendency you will see a ton more page views fast.

Do Not Get Lazy

I got lazy for a bit. Stopped posting pics, which of course resulted in me dropping off a bit. I did not make money online at a solid clip because I broke 1 of my rules. Shame on me. Lesson learned. Pictures back. Especially bright, shiny pics, of all my vacation spots. Because people LOVE to live their dream and by me sharing the dream I get a tn more clicks.

And Of Course

Churn out relevant, targeted content on a daily basis. Really dig deep to put out good stuff and of course pages views flow to you. But do not forget to post those interesting pictures on each post to really put your views into overdrive.

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