Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Home Business Mastery - 3 Tips to Improve Your Squeeze Page

Squeeze information out of individuals and grow your home business. OK, squeeze in a nice way. Capture page, that sounds better. Yes capture information and make money online. Capturing valued information like a name, email address and telephone number of your prospects accelerates the relationship building process.

You create connections and expand your cash gifting team. Sounds simple and it is, if you run a clear and focused squeeze page. Many muck up their squeeze page but a select few know the secret to successful squeezing.

Home Business Mastery

Tip 1 - Get Rid of All Clutter

You want visitors to do one thing: type your name and email address into the form to get on your list. Reduce all other options. At least if you want to make money online. Network marketing pros know that reducing options leaves little wriggle room for visitors. You do one thing or move on. Sake deal with cash gifting or affiliate marketing pros. They know not to waste either parties' time.

Tip 2 - Keep Copy to a Minimum

Explain what the person signs up for. Explain what your home based opportunity is about. Then exit stage left. Stop treating your capture page like a sales page. You want clear and concise copy to boost your conversions.

Clean up your squeeze page. Make it easy for readers to quickly see what you offer. They see benefits, or do not see them, and either sign up or move on. In either case you are simply finding good matches and releasing bad matches, and this is what an effective squeeze page is all about.

Tip 3 - Keep Your Design Simple

Post a video or picture and that is about it. Adding too many bells and whistles confuses your prospects which means less opt ins. For goodness gracious, remove social sharing buttons, phone numbers and email addresses. You want people to type in their name and phone number, and email address, that is it.

Keep your design simple so people know what to do, and do it.

Test Persistently to See What Works

Use these tips and test every week or so, checking the size of your cash gifting or home business list. If you increase your subscriber base and make money online you are on the right track.

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