Friday, January 18, 2013

Gifting Training - 5 Tips to Use Facebook Effectively

I love Facebook. The network is a trust builder which is a must for cash gifting coaches. People know, like and trust you by seeing you and using FB effectively helps people see you. Stop pushing your links and start pushing value to become more attractive on the social network.

Yep, attraction. The law of attraction. Keep the LOA in mind to magnetize yourself to targeted folks who vibe with you and join your cash gifting team. Make money online by coming from a place of calm, confident power.

Cash Gifting Training

Tip 1 - ABG

Always Be Giving. Help people out. Share work at home value. Become work at home valuable. This is the lesson to successful home businesses.

Tip 2 - ABR to Get on Track

Always Be Receiving too. Receive compliments and respond accordingly. Engaging goes a long way in the Facebook game. Helps you generate cash online because you are a listener when you respond, and listeners are tuning into your problems. People like that.

Tip 3 - Less Links More Text to Stand out from the Crowd

Ok to post links to cash gifting or home business specific groups by use more text on your personal account. People seem to dig text only updates. You lay out the breadcrumbs and people like to follow and eventually many chow down on your delicious squeeze page links after noshing on cash gifting breadcrumbs. More law of attraction stuff here.

Tip 4 - Show Some Share Love to Reach Out and Connect

Everybody loves a giver and people who FB Share content become uber popular on the social network. Share content to become magnetic to content. This is the brilliance of FB: the more you give the more you get, so keep sharing and it all comes back to you multiplied. Law of attraction, sowing and reaping stuff here.

Tip 5 - Show Up Daily to Make a Serious Impact

Daily FBers make indelible impressions on their audience. You generate cash online by showing up for work daily. Show up and prosper.

Your Turn

How do you use Facebook effectively?

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