Saturday, November 17, 2012

Are You Afraid to Make the Cash Gifting Call?

I mean the cash gifting call to action? How many calls on your cash gifting blog? How many times do you ask? People sense your fear on a deeper level, and will run from your home based opportunity if you rarely make the call. Fools are fearful of promoting themselves and rarely make the call, or bury the call under layer after layer of websites, etc.

Wise folk make money online by asking people to join their list or cash gifting club frequently. Yep they bring value to the table too, this is a must. But they also know the importance of simply asking people to do stuff so they do it. It sounds so easy but many have trouble with it. Why?

Burn Your Credit Cards

Some secretly don't want to make money online. More money, more problems, they secretly believe. Others simply feel bad about asking people to do stuff, feeling they are annoying others. Others stop asking because they would rather quit than be frustrated, believing their calls to action are simply falling on deaf ears.

You get people to join your cash gifting team by asking them. Point blank. Gotta be direct if you hope to prosper with your home based opportunity. Gotta be clear and you need to make the call if you intend for others to follow suit, or follow you, joining your opp.

Make the call. Be clear. Be transparent. Never stop asking people. What you have to offer is incredily valuable, and changes people's lives. Believe this, and you will make the call frequently while growing your cash gifting team.

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