Friday, October 5, 2012

Here Is a Method that Is Helping Online Marketers Crush Obstacles

Picture this: you just signed up for fall semester classes.

Heading to university. Exciting!

So you pay your tuition, buy your books, ready and raring to go.

You receive your class schedule.

All set, right?

Then you miss the first class. Something to attend to.

You reach the second class. Felt a little sick.

Then the third and fourth. Kids to attend to, and you gotta work a full time job too.

I understand...but...

...each class you miss is a missed opportunity.

So you learn nothing, and the knowledge you could be using to overcome obstacles goes to waste.

Your tuition goes to waste. The money spent on books goes to waste. picture yourself starting an online venture.

You send your first cash gift or buy your network marketing products(paying your college tuition), excited!

Then you receive a free step by step training manual along with free webinar training dates every 1 to 2 weeks(class schedule), excellent!

The first webinar date (class) rolls around, and you miss it. Snoozing past class, or you have something else to do, which takes precedence.

So the 2nd live webinar rolls around, no show, you are. Gotta work your 9-5.

You never even opened the training manual, let alone took 1 or 2 steps.

So you wasted your online tuition, your books, and you never crush the obstacles you could have crushed, because you skipped out on cyber entrepreneur class, ignoring knowledge which could prosper you.

The moral of the story: entrepreneurs who crush obstacles show up for every class and follow a step by step system from DAY 1.

That's the method, the secret. They learn, and always show up, and don't make excuses, and do what successful people tell them to do.

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