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Cash Gifting Mastery - 5 Simple Steps to Weed Out Tire Kickers

Are you wasting time speaking to cash gifting tire kickers?

Do you find yourself contacting lazy people who want to get rich quick?

This crowd can drain you of your precious energy.

Frustration kicks in.

You become disgusted with your prospects.

Then you quit.

But it doesn't need to be this way.

Realize this: your time is precious. Following a few key steps gets rid of tire kickers quickly.

This sets up a vacuum which quickly fills with eager, hungry, hard-working individuals, who want to join your team.

You attract who you set yourself up to attract. Your predominant vibe sets it all up...and you choose your vibration.

Once you choose a calm, confident, peaceful and relaxed vibe - as your predominant feeling - you will naturally take these steps to weed out panicky, desperate, and hurried tire kickers.

Cash Gifting Mastery

Step 1 - Tailor Your Squeeze Page

Include copy on your squeeze page explaining that you seek only serious people.

No get rich types. No cash gifting program tire kickers.

Who cares about list numbers? If you capture 20 people each day who have no clue what the hell you are offering - due to your vague, limited copy - you just wasted 20 people's time, and your time too, in calling these folks.

Get clear. Tell people exactly what to expect and WHO YOU ARE LOOKING for when setting up squeeze page copy.

Weed out lazy people. Attract workers.

Step 2 - Get to the Point During Phone Calls

Pre-qualify. Tell people quickly what you expect of them.

It takes persistent, intelligent work to succeed with network marketing or gifting.

I tell this to individuals early on in our discussions. If they like it, they stick around. If not, they exit stage left.

Step 3 - Craft Honest Advertisements

Do your ads scream "Get Rich Quick"? Do you use endless images of dollar signs? will attract lazy people, people who want only money, and don't want to work for it.

Craft honest, high energy, helpful ads. Post a free, value-packed giveaway in the ad.

More honesty in your internet marketing campaign means less low energy people to deal with.

Attract a worker instead of a tire kicker.

Step 4 - Delete Clowns Immediately from Your List

I received an opt-in from Micky Mouse the other day.

This clown is not a serious entrepreneur. They do not deserve to see my free internet marketine eCourse...

...and they would be a horrible addition to my team. Deleted, to make room for serious individuals.

Step 5 - Work On Your Mental Tools

All attachment to tire kickers is rooted in desperation. You need these folks because you are desperate to make money online, to prosper with network marketing.

Dissolve the attachments with visualization, meditation and affirmation.

Spend 1 hour on personal development daily.

Cut attachments. Release on lazy prospects.

Cash Gifting Mastery - Summary

Tailor your squeeze page. Get to the point during phone calls. Craft honest internet marketing advertisements. Delete clowns. Work on your mental tools.

Take these 5 simple steps to weed out cash gifting tire kickers.

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Kelli Cooper said...

Hi Ryan
This was an excellent post with some sage advice for anyone in the online business world. We get back what we put out and how you market your business and yourself will in large part, determine who you are attracting to you. It can be hard to detach, especially when you feel desperate to make some money, but getting clear on your intent is the most powerful money-making strategy there is since it will lead you to getting exactly what you want.

Ryan Biddulph said...

Hi Kelli,

Awesome advice here! Detachment is key. By letting go, you open up limitless possibilities, as far as attracting ideal matches to your cash gifting team. Thanks!


Jacs Henderson said...

I like that a lot Ryan - excellent stuff for taking charge of your email list - don't carry timewasters, and attract the right prospects by being clever with your marketing :)
great post, thanks

Ryan Biddulph said...

Yep, you nailed it Jacs! Add some flair to your copy, be clear on who you want, and your list will be of high quality.



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