Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cash Gifting Mastery - 5 Reasons Why Absolutely Nobody Clicks on Your Links

People are allergic to your cash gifting links. No clicks. No visits. No opt-ins. No cash gifts.

Are you fully disgusted with your situation? Are you ready to make your clicks ridiculously irresistible to people?

Then read on...

Reason 1 - No Value

You create no value so you receive no value. Why should people click on your link?

Write cash gifting blog posts. Shoot network marketing videos. Create. Give people a reason to click. You prosper by prospering others.

Reason 2 - Poor Packaging

Does your resource box suck? Make your resource box enticing or tumble weeds will be your only prospects.

Explain how you can benefit individuals.

Reason 3 - Not Enough Links

How many calls to action do you share on your blog?

1 ain't gonna cut it. 3 to 4 work well. One before the post, one after.

One on the sidebar. One link in the post.

Help people see your call. Program people to respond. 3 to 4 is just about right.

Reason 4 - Too Many Calls

Easy cowboy or cowgirl! 15 calls to action? A bit much.

Desperation repels. No clicks.

Reason 5 - Zero Persistence

"I posted to my blog 10 times in the past 10 days...I should have 1000 subscribers by now!!"

No you shouldn't. Persistence game here. Play it.

Post daily for months. Leads flow in. People see who you are and how you can help them.

Cash Gifting Wrap Up

Create good things for others - persistently - to make your cash gifting links clickable.

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