Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cash Gifting Mastery - 1 Quick and Painless Tip to Deal with Cantankerous Internet Trolls

Delete 'em. Simple right? No need to engage. Or think through their madness. Because this crowd is sick. Nope. Delete them.

Block their IP address. Block them on social networks. Ban them from groups.

Your job is to ignore the lower energies. Maybe this crowd had a bad day. No biggie. Forgive them and block them.

Anybody on your wavelength would never introduce themselves with a low energy barb. Your job is not to cure, but to connect with high energy people.

Cash Gifting Mastery

As a cash gifting coach you meet people who love to pay it forward. Some people dislike the concept. But they are happy. So they don't protect their anger on you.

Some unhappy people - clearly pissed about the life choices they have made - project their unhappiness on you. These folks are called trolls, spammers, or a-holes. Really, they are simply unhappy. That's all.

The Solution

Delete their comment. Block them. Let them find happiness and maybe return one day. Through a different account of course ;)

Your job is not to explain. To prove. To convince. To coerce. To force someone to do anything. Find Good Matches Release Poor Matches. Make that your mantra. Repeat it. Over and over.

Find people who like to pay it forward. Release people who don't.

What About Chatting?

I was told never to engage a raging bull. Do you feel it wise? I don't. Delete. Billions of other people left to connect with.

Anybody Who Disagrees?

No. Chat with civil people who share a different viewpoint. You know who to chat to and who to delete. If you are over-sensitive, resist the urge to ban anybody who disagrees with you. But DO respect yourself, and your time, if low energy people project their unhappiness on you.


Your time is precious. You choose how to spend each moment. I never allow unhappy people to steal my time. Nor should you.

Cash Gifting Mastery - Summary

Delete unhappy people from your life. Have compassion by teaching folks how big boys and girls play. Become a happier cash gifting coach.

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