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Law of Attraction Training - 4 Practical Tips to Grow Your Business Using the LOA

Are you using the law of attraction to grow your home based opportunity?

Affiliate marketing, cash gifting, network marketing, MLM...the opp matters not.

What does matter is the energy behind your acts.

The energy behind each business act is often subtle.

So subtle, that few realize their quiet - or overpowering - desperation during the course of a normal business day.

Desperate people use Force. Force negates. Which is why most scare away money.

Adopting a calm, confident, carefree vibe helps you attract prospering ideas, people...and ease.

Use these 6 practical tips to mold your home opp with the LOA.

Law of Attraction Training

Tip 1 - Meditate

Far and away, meditating frequently is the quickest way to effectively use the law of attraction for growing your home based opportunity.

Observing your feelings - as they truly are - helps you to see the subtle emotions most people bury and ignore.

The emotions which repel success.

Sit for 20 minutes or more daily. Consider taking 5 minute meditation breaks every 1 or 2 hours, if you are serious about growing your biz.

Tip 2 - Aggressively Promote Others

Promote other people on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

This sends out a prospering, abundant vibe: "I am not worried about ME all day...I now share my social sites to promote these other people, since I generate more and more traffic each day."

Magnetize yourself to more traffic. As you give freely you receive easily.

Tip 3 - Limit Working Hours

Detach from your cash gifting club for a set period daily.

Pull back from your network marketing business.

Work a set number of hours. After this period of time *drop everything*.

Go to the beach. Exercise. Do stuff entirely unrelated to your business.

Detaching allows the Universe to work on your dreams without your ego's interference.

Tip 4 - Express Gratitude

How many times have you dismissed generating a lead? Or receiving a cash gift? Or meeting a new team member?

If you are ungrateful for what you have now The Universe sure ain't going to send you more to be grateful for.

Express gratitude for inspiring network marketing ideas. For cash gifting marketing knowledge.

For every contact, for your network, for your blog, for the opportunities around you.

Become a magnet to good.

Bonus Tip

Take frequent breaks throughout your day.

Drop everything every 30 minutes or hour, during every working hour.

You can meditate, visualize, go for a walk, or turn on a high energy TV show.

Whatever it is, take a break. This is during your working hours, remember, not during your off hours...although feel free to do the same thing every waking hour.

Breaking frequently detaches you from your acts.

From your business. Or cash gifting club.

From your marketing campaign. The list goes on and on.

Detaching from outcomes helps you attract the ideas, people and circumstances to manifest neat things. Because the Universe goes into manifesting overdrive during these periods.

Law of Attraction Training - Summary

Meditate. Promote others. Limit working hours. Express gratitude.

Apply these 4 practical tips to grow your home based opportunity using the law of attraction.

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Linda Armstrong said...

Great tips as usual, thank you! I especially love tip 3, I've only recently come to really appreciate that one, thanks for the reminder!

April Marie Tucker said...

Wow Ryan awesome tips! I completely agree it is as must that you come from a place of abundance and never desperation. people smell it like no other. I do not meditate but after reading you post have decided I really should. Do you have any recommendations for the newby meditater? << I don't think that's a word haha!

Love your post Ryan and I received a ton of inspiring value from it! Keep sharing your awesomeness with the universe! Everyone deserves to know you!

Ryan Biddulph said...

Me too Linda ;) I've capped my hours quite a bit recently. As I release, let go and allow the Universe to work fully - without my ego interference - manifesting happens more effortlessly.



Ryan Biddulph said...

Wow thanks SO much April! As for meditating I would simply sit in a quiet room. Relax your body. Concentrate on your breathing. When your attention drifts, simply note the object of your attention - memories, plans, feelings in your body - and bring your attention firmly but gently back to your breathing.

Continue for 5 minutes. Gradually add time as weeks progress.



Jacs Henderson said...

Good tips Ryan - must try slotting in some of your meditation technique - if it's that easy to set up, can't think why I haven't tried it before!
thanks, Jacs

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