Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cash Gifting Program Mastery - 6 Reasons Why You Are Driving People Away from Your Blog

Are you sending cash gifting program pledges to the hills?

Are you repelling blog readers at an alarming clip?

Struggling bloggers make a host of common errors.

Here's the drill: read this list. Be honest with yourself.

Are you making these mistakes? Admit it, and use my solutions.

Home based opportunities come and go but your blog can be a rock during times of change....IF you release these mistakes and replace with success-filled strategies.

Correct the errors. Expand your presence. Attract money with less effort.

On to the reasons!

Cash Gifting Program Mastery

Reason 1 - Too Many Ads

Too many ads turns people off instantly.

How can I tap into your cash gifting program expertise if your blog is dominated by ads?

Post a few ads. Dominate your blog with helpful content. Attract money.

Reason 2 - Too Many Programs

Promote a different program each week. Or day.

Confuse the hell out of people.

Promote 1 or 2 programs. Become known for these home based opportunities.

Reason 3 - Too Many Calls to Action

If you ask me to do 7 things: sign up for your free giveaway, RSS Feed, Like your Facebook Fan Page, etc, etc...I do nothing.

Include 1 specific call to action on your blog and little else. Attract money with greater ease.

Reason 4 - Too Much Clutter in General

Avoid posting too many flashy graphics, interactive chat boxes, etc.

Too many bells and whistles sends readers sprinting at worst...at best, it confuses people.

Adopt a clear and simple design.

Reason 5 - No Picture

Who writes your blog? I want to see that person.

So do virtually all of your readers.

Imagine walking into a corner store. You see the owner. Wearing a mask. Or nobody is behind the desk. Weird, right?

Your blog is your virtual corner store. Your cyber shelf of home based opportunities. Show yourself.

Reason 6 - No Original Content

If you link out to blogs or articles all the time how can you teach me to prosper online?

Write your own articles. Acquire knowledge, show it off, attract more readers.

Cash Gifting Program Mastery - Summary

Post a few ads on your blog. Promote 1 or 2 programs. Include 1 dominant call to action on your blog.

Remove clutter. Clear and simple works best. Post a shiny, smiling picture of yourself. Create your own content.

Follow these steps to attract more readers to your cash gifting program blog.

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