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Cash Gifting Mastery - 5 Tips for Making Money Online with Dreaded Spam Emails

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Do you hate cash gifting spam?

Did you know that home business pros actually make big money off the marketing tactic?

No. Not by spamming, but by studying these emails intently.

Seriously....MLM or any online spammers teach you BIG MONEY lessons.

Make money online by digging into these lessons.

Take more time off. Prosper instead of being annoyed.

Turn a low energy ploy into a money making tool.

Ready for the tips?

(Note: If you love the picture I snapped it here at Cui Da Beach in Hoi An, Vietnam. Loving it here!)

Cash Gifting Mastery

Tip 1 - Explain What NOT To Do

Dissect a crappy cash gifting spam email. What mistakes are being made? Package into a blog post or video and share with your target market. Make money online.

Tip 2 - Share the Benefits of Patience

Patience prospers you. Dealing with endless MLM spam tests your patience. Share content about how your experience with spam taught you to be more patient. Prosper.

Tip 3 - Give 'Em Props

Face it! Some super clever spammers dupe all of us. David Wood - who sees as much spam as anybody, I am sure - recently noted how he clicked on a spam message.

Analyze these emails. How can you learn from the craftiness of the home business spammer?

Even if the spammer lied outright, you can take a high energy nugget from their presentation. Perhaps they aroused your curiosity?

Tip 4 - Shift Your Attention

How quickly can you shift your attention after receiving spam? Pros rarely get annoyed, novices rail against spam.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Profit from spam. Learn lessons and package these lessons IMMEDIATELY into tips to help your home business or MLM prospects.

ABP = Always Be Prospering. Quit complaining.

Tip 5 - Time Management

Use spam to get on purpose. Delete emails within a split second of seeing the subject line. This helps you release low energy emails, helping you make time for high energy creating and connecting, which helps you make money online with your MLM.

Cash Gifting Mastery - Summary

Explain what not to do. Share the benefits of patience. Give 'em props. Shift your attention. Manage your time. Use these 5 cash gifting tips to make money online with spam emails.

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