Friday, August 31, 2012

Cash Gifting Mastery - 5 Lessons You Can Learn from my 28 Hour Power Outage

Time to churn out a cash gifting blog post!

After 28 hours the power in our home was finally restored.

Now...this is no biggie. We all likely experienced days, or some, even weeks, of going without power.

But I did learn a few neat lessons along the way.

I believe you can benefit from our experience.

Cash Gifting

Lesson 1 - Sometimes You Gotta Sweat it Out

All the technology to help keep us cool - fans, AC, a fridge - went out with the power.

Boy did we sweat!

As a cash gifting or network marketing coach life happens.

People back out. The power goes out. The web goes down.

Be ready to sweat it out. Physically, at least ;)

Lesson 2 - Find a Way

I wanted to gain internet access for my live weekly training webinar.

So Kelli and I stopped by a local hotel.

I could have complained paying out the scratch, or biking to the other side of town, to pay for the room.

But I was determined to do the webinar.

Find a way. There is always a way to get exactly what you want.

It always involves letting something go. Be ready to release.

Lesson 3 - Patience

We were patient throughout most of the outage.

We had moments...but overall, we sat here and avoided complaining.

As a network marketing coach you might hear others bitch and moan about their upline, comp plans...anything.

Never engage. If you are having difficults in any area, be patient. Be calm.

Situations sort themselves out perfectly if you stop complaining and start relaxing.

Lesson 4 - Be Grateful

Without a fan or AC I spent much of this morning laying in my own sweat.

Not too comfortable guys. But it made me all the more grateful for our fans, let alone our air conditioning.

Once some luxury or comfort is removed you learn to be grateful for it.

I rarely took the coolness for granted - I thank the Universe for our fans and AC each morning - but I am even more grateful now.

Lesson 5 - You Are Human

Yep...I did complain for a few minutes.

About everything from the heat, to the fact that our agent wasn't quick enough to resolve the situation.

You see, I am human. I realize this and laugh about it, usually a few minutes after complaining.

Avoid complaining. Until you complain. Then laugh at yourself for being human.

You will get angry, frustrated, upset or embarrassed, because you live in a human body which experiences vibrations, or emotions.

Accept this fact. Never resist your feelings. Face, embrace and release your emotions.

Never take your human-ness too seriously.

Cash Gifting Mastery - Summary

Sometimes you might need to sweat things out. Of course, you can eventually find a way to get what you want, a way that involves releasing something.

Be patient. Be grateful for all that you have.

Remember, laugh at your human-ness. You are a creature who experiences a range of emotions, and sometimes acts on these emotions.

I hope you learn a thing or 2 from my cash gifting - or life - lessons here.

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