Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cash Gifting Mastery - 1 Simple Tip to Dissolve Limiting Beliefs with Lightning Speed

Do you have a tough time growing your cash gifting team?

You might be making 1 critical mistake...and it has nothing to do with the physical work you engage in.

Weird, right?

Watch my video from Hoi An Beach, Vietnam.

Cash Gifting Mastery

As I nosh on a sumptuous burrito here at the Dingo Deli - gotta visit, if you hit Hoi An - I ask myself...

"Could I have dreamed that I would be eating dinner and writing a blog post in Vietnam?"

I mean really...I was an unemployed security guard, downsized over 4 years ago.

Those "type" of folks DO NOT travel the world. I mean, I was just a pier guard...

The Changing Point

Maybe I didn't picture myself grubbing at the Dingo but I did begin to picture myself doing neat things.

Like traveling. Buying cool cars. Living in a nice home.

Helping people to prosper online with cash gifting. Or network marketing.

The experience follows the predominant mental picture.

It's a law of attraction thing.

You vibe at a certain level: high or low energy.

How you feel about yourself attracts to you your current results.

Meaning, you attract ideas, people and circumstances based on the view you hold of yourself.

I had to lose the idea that I was "just a security guard" by building a new, empowering, high energy self image of a world traveler.

An influencer....a leader...Yep, the person I am becoming Now.

The Problem

I speak to people who tell me....

"Me - and most people out there - don't have the desire or drive to do what you do."

"What can *average* people do to make real money online."

Uhhh...nothing. Because if you picture yourself as an average person you will keep receiving average results.

That's why you struggle. That's why you find yourself talking to tire-kickers, or people who have no money to start, all the time.

The Solution - Action Tip

Picture yourself as a successful, wealthy person. As a network marketing pro. As a law of attraction teacher. Or self-help coach. Whatever niche you choose.

Visualize for 10 or 20 minutes daily. Build an empowering, exciting new self-image.

FEEL the powerful emotions of being financially free.

Of buying nice stuff.

Of helping so many people, or touching so many lives.

You see...when the picture changes, the self-image changes.

When the self-image changes, your life changes.

Cash Gifting Mastery - Summary

Your results follow your self-image.

People see you as you see yourself.

Dissolve limiting beliefs by changing your self-image with the action step I've provided.

Prosper as a cash gifting coach.

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Karen Marrow said...


Wow, these are some great tips here! Life is all about attraction. When we learn to FEEL what it will be like when we have what we desire and have no contradictory feelings, there is no way it cannot come.

The thing that keeps it from coming is attention to the fact that we still don't have it!

Yes, visualization is how you can learn to feel the feelings of already having what you want.

Powerful tips!!! Thanks for sharing!


Ryan Biddulph said...

Wow Karen, super insight!

You need to feel your dream into existence. See it, feel it, be it. With practice you can dissolve resistance quite quickly.

Visualize daily, and if you want to supercharge your manifesting try hourly sessions for 3 or 5 minutes ;)



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