Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Network Marketing Training - 9 Quick Tips for Building Your Email List Immediately

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Are you starving for eager network marketing leads? Do you have a massive, responsive revenue-generating email list? List building is THE secret to cash gifting success. Growing your home based opportunity is easy if you have a huge list of hungry, ready to join subscribers. If you follow each specific tip daily you can see results within a few days, which is pretty darn exciting. How does opening your email to a deluge of opt-ins sound? OK, let's talk benefits.

Network Marketing Training


Imagine sending out a single newsletter and seeing 3 new cash gifting pledges 2 hours later? People who see your value packed emails week after week trust you, and join your opportunity, or buy your products. Make money with less straining. Set up a serious passive prosperity stream. Grow your network marketing team at an accelerated rate. Provide a valuable service to list members who need it. Spend more time taking photos of your neighbors, like me(I snapped the photo above of our neighbors in Hoi An, Vietnam). Ready for the tips?

Tip 1 - Fair Trade

RECEIVE prospect's names, emails and phone numbers by GIVING value. Think Fair Trade. Grow your list quickly by solving problems with your blog posts and videos.

Tip 2 - Squeeze Page 101 - No Clutter

Minimize text on your squeeze page. Include 1 clear call to action plus a few benefits of opting-in. You want people to do one thing: opt-in. Give no other options.

Tip 3 - Value-Packed Freebie

OK, you provide value through your posts. Up the ante. Include a value-packed freebie on your squeeze page. A newsletter and webinar combo does nicely. Toss in a free marketing boot camp or inspirational ebooks.

Tip 4 - Build Personal Bonds

Make friends with people on social networks. Send private, personalized messages to individuals, asking how you can help them, how are things, you know, friend stuff. Friends with a strong interest in your opportunity opt-in, and aggressively promote you to hundreds, thousands or more of their friends.

Tip 5 - Use Video on Your Squeeze Page

Build trust. Visitors like seeing a living, breathing person behind the home based opportunity. Shoot a video in a pleasant tropical location...I created a nice squeeze page video in Phuket.

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Tip 6 - Include a Privacy Policy

Build trust. Post a privacy policy on your squeeze page, informing visitors that their email addresses and phone numbers are not sold to 3rd parties.

Tip 7 - Link Up Everywhere

Post your cash gifting squeeze page to twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, everywhere. Include the link in your Bio area to increase opt-ins.

Tip 8 - Link Up Daily

Send out your squeeze page link at least once daily to your social sites. Make sure you offer immense value, with a power-packed freebie, instead of just offering an opportunity on your capture page.

Tip 9 - Persist, Persist, Persist

People with massive network marketing lists followed basic steps daily. Program people to respond to your message. Create daily. Connect daily. Persist like heck.

Network Marketing Training - Summary

Make a fair trade. De-clutter your squeeze page. Giveaway a value-packed freebie. Build personal bonds. Use video on your squeeze page. Include a privacy policy on your capture page. Link up everywhere. Link up daily. Persist like heck. Use each quick tip to build your network marketing email list now.

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