Friday, July 27, 2012

Network Marketing Training - 6 Quick Tips for Generating Targeted Leads on Youtube Now

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Are you struggling to generate network marketing leads? Do you use videos in your cash gifting marketing campaign? Using video can build trust and convert leads at a blistering pace. If you can't seem to increase sales or receive cash gifts adding youtube to your marketing arsenal might put you over the top. Use a few quick tips to connect with prospects, gain authority and cash in. Ready for the benefits?

Network Marketing Training


Gain the trust of your network marketing prospects. Nothing like seeing a living, breathing person behind the opportunity. Develop an intimate connection with your audience. Generate passive cash gifts or income as your videos sprint up Google. Cater to a rapidly growing group of folks who prefer to digest content through videos. Craft an irresistible lead magnet on your squeeze page. Save yourself tons of time creating content, helping you spend more time with the kids and less time generating leads. Enjoy expressing yourself on video. Let's dig in to the tips while you enjoy my home office above at Cui Da Beach, Hoi An, Vietnam.

Tip 1 - Target with SEO

Include your keyword or phrase once in the title and once in the description box. Target your market. Make money online by acting effectively and intelligently.

Tip 2 - Energy

Amp up! Make people feel your energy. No bland videos. No drone voices. Speak with conviction. Be animated. Inject your personality into videos. People feel your energy and respond quickly.

Tip 3 - Release Limiting Beliefs

I know, you sound funny and look funny on video. I thought the same thing 900 videos ago, but dropped these limiting beliefs after a few days of practicing. Tell your ego to shut up. Shoot the video. Generate cash gifting leads. Make money online.

Tip 4 - Bookmark

Bookmark videos on StumbleUpon and Yahoo Bookmarks. Post to Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn. Post to Pingomatic. Boost your SEO and placement in search engines.

Tip 5 - Short and Punchy

Shoot videos spanning 3 to 5 minutes. The average attention span is short. Cater to your viewers. Make your points. Exit stage left.

Tip 6 - Pick Popular Topics

"How to" videos generate leads. People need solutions to their problems. Teach prospects how to solve their problems with your videos.

Network Marketing Training - Summary

Target. Amp up your energy. Release limiting beliefs. Bookmark. Shoot short and punchy videos. Pick popular topics. Use each tip to generate network marketing leads on Youtube now.

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