Saturday, July 7, 2012

Network Marketing Mastery - Making Money Quickly

Network Marketing Mastery

Kelli and I arrived in Hoi An, Vietnam yesterday.

Awesome spot. You can see lovely beaches, lush surroundings and scores of nice little veggie restaurants, which vibes with us.

The people here are friendly and engaging. As friendly and engaging as folks we met anywhere along our journey.

We were told otherwise. Most people noted how they believed the Vietnamese were all about living a fast-paced life. No real interactions; these people are all about business.

Nothing has been further from the truth.

Thank goodness we are open-minded people. Thank goodness we do our own thinking. Or else we might have missed out on making these wonderful connections.

It got me thinking about making money online with your network marketing or cash gifting opportunity.

Making Money Quickly

Money flows to the open minded person quickly.

Network marketing, cash gifting, whatever networking opportunity, the idea remains the same.

If you remain open-minded to prospering ideas, people and circumstances you can make money online quickly.

If you accept the limiting beliefs of others you make money online slowly.

Kelli and I visited Vietnam ignoring low energy views of the people living here. So we attracted pleasant appearances.

Adopt a similar frame of mind in the online game. Be open minded. Reject negative limiting beliefs of others, such as:

"Making money online is terribly difficult."

"Making money online will take years to do."

"Stay away from most online opportunities, they are mostly scams."

You Get What You Choose To See

Tune into the abundance around you. Feel wealthy. See wealth.

Adopting this vibe helps you instantly reject ideas presented to you from closed-minded people.

You naturally tune into money making ideas. People who buy your products. Or join your team.

All because you chose to see wealth instead of lack and limitation.

Be Open Minded

Of course you must work. Making money online with cash gifting might not be super easy but that does not make it hard.

No need to slave for years on end making peanuts.

Work a proven system daily. Connect with a mentor. Reject negative ideas surrounding prospering.

Network Marketing Homework

Study the people you hang with in the niche.

Are they successful? Do any of them make money?

If not, hang only with prospering people. People who are open-minded, people who have prospered, or maintain a super positive mindset.

You become who you hang with.

If you struggle to prosper you hang with people who struggle to prosper.

If you are failing persistently, try connecting with winners.

Surround yourself with winners.

Leave value-packed comments on Ray Higdon's blog. Eric Worre's blog. Let them run off on you.

Cash Gifting or Networking Pros - Your Turn

Do you remain open-minded while working your network marketing opportunity?

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