Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to Successfully Ride the Wild Network Marketing Roller Coaster

I just saw a mom with baby here in Hoi An.

The baby clasped to mom on a motorbike.(See To Left) Said baby was about 1 year old...yep, they start riding young here.

Your network marketing ride will put you in the baby's spot some of the time. Resistance pops up. You run into all types of obstacles.

If you follow 2 basic steps you can ride the roller coaster and prosper.

Network Marketing Roller Coaster

Watch as I discuss from Hoi An, Vietnam...

Benefits Of Riding

Financial freedom. More time with your fam than you could dream of. Vacations around the world...like me, on my 14th month traveling Southeast Asia...Bali, Phuket, Laos and Cambodia, down...in Vietnam now. Because I persisted like hell when the ride got wild.

Work On Your Mental Tools

Spend 1 to 2 hours daily meditating, visualizing, affirming. Whether you are cash gifting or running a home business you need to work on your inner world.

The ride gets wild. Honing your mental tools helps you weather the storm.

Working from a calm, confident place helps you embrace the peaks and valleys of running your own network marketing business with greater ease.

You can make more money, killing financial worries. You can connect with high energy people, creating a greater cause for happiness in your life.

You can help more people, creating a feeling of fulfillment in your being.

All because you set aside time daily to work on your mental tools.

Use Your Mentor

OK, maybe using isn't the right word. Simply tap into a valued resource.

Call your mentor frequently. Email them. Not every 5 minutes. But at least weekly.

Share your struggles. You are making mistakes if you struggle, likely the same mistakes your mentor made.

Listen to them. Shorten your network marketing learning curve.

Prosper in cash gifting. Or run a successful home business. Follow the leader. Remain in touch with the leader.

Persist Like Hell

Gaining experience helps you remain patient when encountering resistance. You hold on by habit.

Then you grasp even less, and coast more. You trust. You know you will get there.

All because you persisted.

Experience teaches you lessons that nothing, or nobody else, can teach you. You must embrace all experiences which flow your way to prosper.

This gig becomes easier as you learn to go with the flow. As you study pros. As you work on your mental tools. As you persist with bulldog-like tenacity.

Network Marketing Roller Coaster

How do you ride the network marketing roller coaster?

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