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Home Business Training - 11 Short Tips for Growing Your Business on Facebook Groups Now

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Is your home business growing quickly right now? Are you using Facebook effectively, or the WRONG way, like most online entrepreneurs? Facebook can be the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal if you make connections on the social network. You need to follow simple tips daily to make money online. Failures ignore simple. Failures are in a hurry. Successes take their time, study simple and use simple tips daily to generate massive fortunes.

Home Business Training


Grow a stark raving friend/fan base who aggressively promotes you, expands your presence and BLOWS UP your cash gifting team or business. Have fun as you simply make friends with people and prosper. Take more time off as your business grows. (I snapped the above picture of a hotel in Legian, Bali during my current 14 month working holiday across Southeast Asia) Toss the ridiculous make money online rat race aside....yeah, the same race all the online failures are running like fools each day. OK, check out the tips.

Tip 1 - Comment

Comment on helpful blog posts. Create value. Make an impact. Generate clicks. Grow your home business.

Tip 2 - Share Posts

Share your fellow group member's posts. Tag these individuals so your friends can friend them, expanding their presence.

Tip 3 - Persist

Show up daily. Stick out like a sore thumb in the community, because few show up EVERY day.

Tip 4 - Join Relevant Groups

If I am a cash gifting coach I won't hang out with personal development junkies all day. I hang out with people who want to make money online.

Tip 5 - Personalize

Like a post, a lot?? Send a personal message to the author. The personal touch makes an impact you can't fathom.

Tip 6 - No Ads

Never advertise a squeeze page on Facebook Groups. Screams desperation, screams "I am struggling", kills your business.

Tip 7 - Start Your Group

Start your own Facebook group to establish your authority. Promote the group across social networks.

Tip 8 - Create Value

Create helpful, usable blog posts and videos. Post these to relevant groups.

Tip 9 - Lighten Up

The calm, confident person detaches from outcomes and grows their business fast. Lighten up, laugh and enjoy meeting people.

Tip 10 - Not Too Many

Avoid the urge to join 20 or more groups. Join groups where you can make an impact, where you actively participate.

Tip 11 - Never Add Someone without their Permission

Ask people before you add them. Adding someone without their permission can kill your business reputation.

Home Business Training - Summary

Comment. Share. Persist. Join relevant groups. Personalize. No ads. Start your own group. Create value. Lighten up. Not too many groups. Add people after you receive their permission. Use these simple steps persistently to expand your home business quickly.

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