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Cash Gifting Tip - Repeat These 5 Words to Instantly Boost Your Opt Ins

Accept this fact: you need to connect to prosper with cash gifting. Accept fact #2: you need to create to prosper with gifting. Connectors and creators prosper. Struggling gifters rarely create or connect. No value offered = no value received. As your influence grows expect to release on 1 aspect of your social media marketing campaign. Make money online pros do this with ease. Novices struggle in this department.

Cash Gifting Tip


Free up more time to create content. Set aside more time to call prospects on the phone. Make money online more quickly by cutting out an extraneous, effective act-sapping activity. Generate more opt-ins, which leads to more money, which helps you spend more time on holiday. (I snapped the above picture of Tomb Raider Temple at Angkor Wat)

Stop Replying to Every Post

Simple. Stop Replying to Every Post. Stop responding to each Facebook update. Every tweet. Every comment. As your circle of cash gifting influence grows you can't possibly keep up. Example: if I replied to each social media Like, RT, Plus One, etc, I would spend roughly 1 to 2 hours daily JUST RESPONDING. 1-2 hours I could spend creating blog posts, ebooks or webinars. Diminishing returns. Of course, your opt-ins increase as you chat less and create more.

Home Based Opportunity Detachment

Detaching from responding to EVERY social media interaction helps you attract more creative, lead generating ideas. Chatting is good up to a point. As your presence expands it will become physically impossible to respond to all peeps and run a home based opportunity. Make money online with greater ease. Respond a bit, create a lot.


Newbies should respond to all posts. If responding on all networks takes you roughly 5 to 30 minutes daily feel free to respond, to engage. But anything above 30 minutes to an hour, you are spending time you could best use creating lead generating content.

Action Tip

Spend a set time responding to social requests on each network. 5 or 10 minutes on each network. Drop everything when the time expires. Thank your Retweeters. Thank your Like-ers. Thank your Plus One folks. Just don't go overboard. Spend most of your time creating helpful content, leaving value packed comments on social networks and aggressively promoting other people.

Cash Gifting Tip - Summary

Respond to social network comments and big-ups for a set time on each network. Free up time to attract lead generating ideas. Create more often to bring value to the table and increase your cash gifting opt-ins.

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