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Cash Gifting Tip - Avoid this Awkward Business-Killing Mistake

Cash Gifting Tip

Cash gifting marketing techniques either attract or repel prospects.

A few minutes ago I received a request to write a recommendation for someone on LinkedIn. No clue who he was. The dude never messaged me. Never reached out to me.

Literally, this was our first contact.

Offline Business Lunacy

This is like me walking outside right now, grabbing a complete stranger off the street and asking him to write a testimonial for me.

See how silly it sounds in the offline world? Why do it online?

Picture yourself as a successful, prospering online business pro. You attract people. You do not repel them.

You do not sprint after strangers for recommendations. No desperation. No chasing.

All good things come to you.

Business Killing 101

Asking to GET before you GIVE kills your cash gifting program or online business.

Asking for favors from strangers is trying to get before you give.

This repels prospects, money and prospering ideas, killing your business. Nobody wants to associate with a needy or greedy person.

Now, if you give of yourself, promoting an individual, leaving value packed comments on their blog, this giving leads to a strong friendship which develops over time.

You can ask a friend that knows, likes and trusts you for the occasional favor.

Why? You GAVE, before you asked to GET.

You helped someone grow their online business so naturally, others help you grow your online business.

Weird Online Tendency

Online folks forget that the internet is simply a creative medium.

So they do bone-headed stuff they would never do offline.

Unsolicited pitches. Desperate selling tactics. Asking strangers for testimonials.

If you wouldn't do it offline don't do it online.

Cash Gifting Wisdom

To get gifts try giving. Help someone. Promote their posts. Comment on their blog.

Sow freely to reap freely. The formula is powerful, simple, timeless.

What you offer freely returns multiplied. Each creative act is prospered.

Cash Gifting Tip - Your Turn

Have you made this business killing error? How did you correct the mistake?

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