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Cash Gifting Mastery - 11 Quick Tips to Overcome Rejection

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Cash gifting rejection comes with the territory. Ask people to join your team. People say "Yes" or "No". The pain can be difficult to embrace. Especially for newbies. Which influences novices to step back into their comfort zone. Massive mistake. All the money you crave lies outside of your comfort zone. Reach out. Sprint out. Jump out. Use the tips below to overcome rejection and prosper.

Cash Gifting Mastery


Sleep better. Make money online at a quicker clip. Grow your cash gifting team with greater ease. Put an end to straining and striving. Attract better matches. Succeed while the masses fail. Develop bulldog-like tenacity. Duplicate like a machine as you inspire your team to persist.

Tip 1 - Not Personal

Rejection is simply a personal choice. A "No" has nothing to do with you. Never take someone's preference personally.

Tip 2 - Study Pros

Online business pros overcame all types of rejection before making it big. Study. Become inspired.

Tip 3 - Meditate

Meditation helps you observe feelings around rejection. Watch how you feel after being rejected INSTEAD of acting on how you feel. Big difference.

Tip 4 - Change Your View

Rejection puts you one person closer to receiving a "Yes".

Tip 5 - Bless It

Being rejected creates a steely, bulldog-type tenacity. You simply ignore the "No's" and persist like hell, by habit.

Tip 6 - Detach

Step away from your online business. Detach. Rejection loses its sting.

Tip 7 - Create

Create value. Become valuable. Becoming valuable means receiving more money, more "Yes's". Write a blog post or shoot a video.

Tip 8 - Affirm

Affirm your brilliance. A personal preference could never affect your brilliance. Affirm this idea to lose the idea of rejection.

Tip 9 - Exercise

Raise your vibe. View rejection through different glasses. Exercise daily. Take care of your home. You tune into the "Yes's" and forget about rejection.

Tip 10 - Mastermind

Mastermind with high energy people. Leaders inspire you, helping you to overcome rejection.

Tip 11 - Laugh

Laugh...ultimately, who the hell cares? We all get rejected hundreds of times - even thousands of times - during a normal week, in all walks of life. Relax! Laugh!

Cash Gifting Mastery - Summary

Never take rejection personally. Study pros. Meditate. Change your view. Bless rejection. Detach. Create. Affirm. Exercise. Mastermind. Laugh, and overcome cash gifting rejection with ease.

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