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Why Can a Work from Home Business Ruin Your Life?

A work from home business can turn your life to ruin. I see it happen frequently.

An individual starts an online gig. After a few weeks or months the person is dead broke, desperate, angry, upset and ready to give up on any online or offline entrepreneurial venture.

The problem? This crowd views a work at home opportunity as their savior. It's as if the opportunity holds their fortune, their luck, their financial future. So if the opportunity doesn't move at a fast pace, this crowd is doomed, depressed, desperate.

Poisonous Work from Home Business Belief

A work from home business IS NOT your savior. YOU are your savior.

Some people put 100% of their faith in an online venture, or other things outside of themselves. Living from the outside-in is one of life's great tragedies. You are tossed around on the sea of circumstance.

Long and short of it, if your cash gifting club or network marketing gig does not take off within weeks or months you feel doomed. You feel like you suck. Because your self-worth is dependent upon the biz.

Countless entrepreneurs give up on financial freedom immediately after failing. "I will never so that again", they say, not understand it's the entrepreneur and not the business who's at fault.

You are the disease and the cure.

This is why billionaires are created during each recession. These people create a vision, have faith in self above all else, and proceed to make billions amidst all other people who live from the outside-in, blaming things outside of themselves for their failures.

If your biz never takes off, you are to blame, for you are driving the business. If your biz is wildly successful you are the root cause. Yep, you also receive tons of help along the way, so it is a team effort, but you must take full responsibility for how well or poor your business performs, because each of your life experiences has its origin in you.

The Cure

Going within. Stop determining your value based on an outside force. You are unlimited and remain unlimited until you believe otherwise. So a cash gifting club or MLM business does not determine your worth.

Stop looking for a life-saving opportunity. That resides within. Opportunities are merely vehicles through which you can prosper. The real prospering is done within.

Spend 1 to 2 hours daily in personal development. Meditate, visualize, affirm.

You soon see all success and failure comes from within. Do not depend on opportunities, for opportunities are merely an extension of your belief system. Meaning, if you have supreme confidence in yourself you will succeed in all you do.

Work from Home Business Ruin - Summary

Live from the inside out. Stop putting all your faith in a business, or cash gifting club. Have faith in yourself and your work from home business prospers.

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