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How to Attract Money with 3 Cranium Expanding Exercises

I watched the movie Mega Mind a few hours ago and dwelled on the idea of how to attract money after watching the flick.

The dude had a large cranium. Mind power. Not a 1 to 1 correlation of course but it made me think: how can you generate more cash with mental science?

Benefits of having more money? Freedom, really. No set schedule. No job. No stresses around money.

Money helps you have more, do more, be more. Acquiring sick amounts of money helps you do some pretty cool things for tons of people.

Philanthropy. Charity. Your presence expands with a lot of dough.

How to Attract Money

Exercise 1 - Acting "As If"

Wow this is a tough one for most at first! I advise my cash gifting team members - take a free tour of our club here - to act "as if".

If you imagine yourself a millionaire, you must act like a millionaire throughout the day, even if your bank account does not say millionaire.

It's about ignoring appearances. Acting like a millionaire. Being bold. Acting like you already made your millions.

Writing 5 blog posts today instead of 1. Or maybe connecting with 30 people instead of 5 today. You get the impulse. You act inspired.

This practice expands your mind to ridiculous dimensions. You quickly see your blocks, or low energy beliefs around money. Try it.

Exercise 2 - Money Dance

Money sprints to people who celebrate money. So do a jig now while holding your wallet. Celebrate. Dance. Get down. Get jiggy. Boogy.

You might feel like a clown. Until you begin making money with ease. Then you dance all the time.

Money is a form of energy. Money appreciates when appreciated. So appreciate it. Dance around it. Money will love to be around you and multiply.

Cash gifting coaches need to do the money dance. MLMers. Anybody.

Exercise 3 - Sing a Song

Sing songs about all the money in your life now and the fortune you have acquired. Keep acting "as if" while singing.

Imagine how you would feel with millions. Totally free! Generous! High energy! Start singing. Make up your own funny, light, joyous songs.

The practice expands your consciousness fast. You move into a higher vibe, a new state.

How to Attract Money - Summary

Act "as if". Do a money dance. Sing a money song. If you are trying to decide on how to attract money do these exercises daily to prosper.

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