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How to Advertise Your Home Online Business - 8 Steps

Advertising your home online business requires persistent, intelligent action. Posting ads all day long like a chimp don't cut it. Nobody cares about spammers.

Position yourself as an authority. Solve problems. Become valuable. Attract prospects with greater ease.

How to Advertise Your Home Online Business

Step 1 - Create Value

Create value become valuable. Help people with their home online business problems. Provide solutions to common issues online entrepreneurs face. Teach people how to generate more leads, or drive blog traffic. Running an informative blog makes you a pro, fast.

Stop pitching. Start posting valuable content. How did dudes like Chris Brogan and Gary Vee become rich? By posting value-packed content persistently, becoming authorities, and attract leads with ease. The more you create the less you need to compete with anybody.

Step 2 - Get Specific

Now you know to create value. Get specific. Run a blog. Write articles. Shoot videos. Run webinars. Write ebooks. People prefer different mediums. Serve up content through different channels.

Creating different forms of content increases your versatility, making you magnetic to folks who prefer to consume content in different forms. Create. Create some more. Leverage your content. A blog post can become an article and video idea, as well as a chapter for an ebook, after you work it over a bit.

Step 3 - Promote

Promote your content across multiple social networks and bookmarking sites. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Digg, Yahoo Bookmarks. Getting clicks through these high ranking sites boosts your positioning in search engines.

Create content across multiple networks to reach a variety of leads. Everybody has their fave network: some are Facebook freaks, others are twitter fans, others Google Plus folks. Share on multiple networks. Prosper.

Step 4 - Ping

Use a site like to ping your blog to multiple websites. Boost your search engine rank. Pinging saves you a ton of time.

Step 5 - Plug In

Plug into a co-op. Pay to generate leads. Plugging in helps you attract more traffic in less time.

Cash gifting clubs like The Peoples Program partner with top shelf co-ops, helping you drive laser targeted traffic to your website.

Step 6 - Use Postcards

Postcards are immensely powerful. Catchy images in your mailbox warrant a second look.

Some home based businesses offer postcard co-ops too. Do your homework. Perform strict due diligence beforehand so you don't need to waste time looking for co-ops after you sign up with a company or club.

Step 7 - Be Social

Don't forget to be social on sites like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. Social people grow large networks. Wealthy people grow large networks, to help expand their presence.

Chat. Engage. Ask questions. Provide answers. Being social builds your trust factor. Your trust factor goes the roof if you engage persistently, create awesome comments and share your buddies' content across multiple social networks.

Step 8 - Give Away Bait

Build a value-packed free giveaway to grow your list. Give value, become valuable. Design an attractive squeeze page which highlights your power-packed freebie. A free marketing boot camp or newsletter works well.

Take time to craft an overpowering giveaway. Something that people can't resist. Something that hungry prospects devour immediately. Make it sticky. Unforgettable. Worth hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

How to Advertise Your Home Online Business - Summary

Create immense value. Write blog posts, articles, videos. Promote your content on social networks. Ping your content. Plug in or use postcards for hands free marketing. Be social and offer up link bait to increase leads and effectively advertise your home online business.

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