Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why Can Making Money Online Ruin Your Life?

Making money online can kill you slowly. Seriously. ATMs inside your computer? Bullshit. The oh-so prospering online business niche can take years off your life. Really. Why? The activity takes over your life if you aren't careful.

I am all about effective acts. Until I forget what I am all about. I am not immune from spending too much time on the PC. I am human. I fuck up. But I also see when I am working too hard, too long. I know when my cash gifting club is ruining my life. Or when I choose to let my gifting club ruin my life, by spending too much time on the computer. Working 14 hours a day. Sure, I might prosper. But I am living to spend 14 hours a day on a computer, because people make small fortunes by working a hell of a lot less then I do, when I go on these jackass work benders.

It makes little sense to work 14 hours a day when you can generate twice as many opt-ins working 4 or 6 hours a day, doing things more intelligently, working more effectively, so you can get more out of life. So you don't ruin your life.

Make no mistake about it: slaving over a laptop means dying slowly. You were not given life to work all day in front of a PC. You were not given mental tools to slave and strive like a beast of burden. Smart work. Not mindless, endless, beastly hard work.

Do not give into an ego-drive, hard work consciousness. Nobody cares. While you work 18 hours a day there are people make 10 times as much as you working 5 hours a day. Seriously. This crowd leverages. Uses other people's knowledge, or skills, or simply takes the time to pen out of this world copy, and they make a lotta money in a little time, and live a nice life away from the computer too.

Making Money Online - Ronald Reagan Versus Jimmy Carter

Tale of the Presidential Tape

My dad made an interesting analogy the other day. Ronald Reagan spent 8 hours in his office each day. The man helped defeat Communism in the Soviet Union, among other astounding accomplishments. He was one of the most powerful, influential presidents in U.S. history. He worked 8 hours a day. Effective action.

Jimmy Carter on the other hand slaved all day. He wouldn't leave his office until 11 PM on some nights, busting his tail for 12, 14 or 16 hours a day. Although JC did a number of positive things for this country, most fair people would be hard pressed to say he accomplished want Reagan accomplished. Carter had a difficult presidency with plenty of crises, due to his policy, and although Reagan had his screw ups, he stared down the most powerful nation - outside of the U.S. - on earth, and was influential in eradicating debilitating communism in the USSR.

So where am I going with this? Well, you can work smart, work effectively, whether you are running a cash gifting club or online business, and accomplish more, or you can strain, strive and slave, work harder, work longer, and accomplish less.

Really, smart work counts. Hard work? Not so much. Many people work hard and make chump change. Others work smart and make fortunes. Effective, persistent action accomplishes more than working unintelligently, and longer.

Making Money Online

If you slave away for 18 hour days online you are wasting your life. No need for it. If you are willing to work intelligently you can cut your workload in half. Is the goal to tell people you work hard - most of whom could give a crap less - or is it to accomplish stuff, so you can make more money, have more free time to do what you want, and eventually retire?

I like what I do. I also like spending hours away from the computer, traveling, meeting awesome people, buying cool stuff, enjoying food, and doing hours upon hours of stuff that has nothing to do with sitting in front of a laptop. This is called having a rich life: mental, spiritual and physical fulfillment.

When you are a newb you need to put in time BUT if you choose a knowledgeable mentor and are willing to follow their system FROM DAY 1, you can prosper online, quite quickly, without killing yourself, giving up your life, and working 18 hour days for weeks on end to make a few bucks.

Intelligent, persistent, but measured acts beat hard work 1000% of the time. Work each day. Put time into your craft. But watch it. Most people use force most of the time, and force negates, lengthening your work day. People who come from a place of power act intelligently. Pen a keyword rich, SEO-ed out post, 600 words long, with a snappy, attention grabbing title, so hundreds of people visit their blog, and they get a ton of opt-ins, and make money more quickly, then the unintelligent person who uses force, who believes it's better to write 3 crappy posts, which get 10 views apiece, with no SEO, and a terrible title, and typos....see where I am going with this?

Making Money Online - Your Turn

Has making money online ruined your life at any point in your entrepreneurial career?

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