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Using Twitter to Convert Cash Gifting Prospects - 2 Simple Steps

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Twitter prospers cash gifting mentors more than any social tool. Create a deluge of value-packed, informative tweets. Provide a steady supply of beneficial gifting tweets patiently. Watch your sphere of influence grow.

Cash Gifting Prospects on Twitter

1 - Engage

Engage persistently. Be a live body. People love people. Hate profiles. Engaging builds trust. Engaging proves you listen, a must for hungry, eager prospects. We need people to listen to our problems: how could we ever know if their solution fits our problem, if they never listen?

Refrain from spamming, or making twitter a 1 way street. Listen in. Close your mouth. Stop typing. Open your ears and eyes. Tune into problems. Listen for them. Engage. Ask questions. Provide answers. Be a real, genuine, authentic person who wants to help others prosper.

Engaging means being chatty. Get over self conscious limiting beliefs. Get over shyness. If you hope to build trust you must release limiting states of mind, get out there, and be sociable. Social cash gifting pros prosper quickly.

Work on personal development. Uncover your defeatist tendencies. Unearth low self-esteem. People who shun engagement are generally afraid. Fear to open up and connect with prospects. Fear to ask questions, provide answers, and listen. These fears cripple you, quickly. Absolutely paralyzing. Gotta get over the blocks fast if you want to prosper on twitter.

Practice being chatty. Asking individuals how their day is going. Most simply want someone who will listen. Listen to anything, including complaints, hopes, dreams, concerns. Ideas can be home business related, or they might not be home biz related. Just ask. Listen. Become really popular, really quickly.

2 - Share Value

Share immense value. Now that you have listened, it's easy to create value based on the problems of your prospects. Pen useful, helpful blog posts. Step by step posts work. How To type posts work well too. Always Be Creating. ABC. The more you create the less you compete.

Cater each post to your audience's needs. Solve problems, address issues, be the bridge which links your prospect's problems with a real, live, beneficial solution.

Take time to create 1 to 2 pieces of content daily. Become a value creating machine. The more value you create the more valuable you become in the eyes of others.

Videos. Ebooks. Blog posts. Podcasts. Articles. The medium might change but the message can always be value-packed, helpful, and immensely beneficial.

Sharing value means researching value. Follow leaders in your niche. Take notes. Pen interesting, helpful tweets. Text only tweets work well. So do tweets directed at blog posts or videos solving problems from your niche. Take time to share other's tweets too.

Sharers become uber popular in the twitter-sphere. Others share your tweets, expanding your presence like wild fire.

Cash Gifting on Twitter - Summary

Listen. Engage. Tune into the problems, hopes, dreams and concerns of fellow tweeters. Listeners always prosper. Listeners form the bridge between prospect's problems and their solutions.

Create usable, helpful, value packed content for your tweeters. Link up to helpful blog posts. Share your friend's articles. Toss in a few text only tweets to entice tweeters to click on your Bio. Lay out breadcrumbs. Refrain from hitting folks over the head all the time. Also, change up tempo, tweeting at different points of the day, with varying frequency. Keep followers a bit off balance, to increase response rate.

Achieve lasting cash gifting success by following these 2 steps daily.

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