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Running Your Home Online Business into the Ground - 3 Mistakes

Crash and burn. Fast.

Home online business entrepreneurs ignore subtle - or obvious - warning signs.

Repeated blow offs.

No opt-ins.

Attracting scores of low energy vermin - aka spammers.

Take note. Observe your blocks. Admit that your system is not working.

Make changes.

Blindness kills you. Ignoring warning signs destroys your business. Quickly.

One note: look for patterns over a period of time.

Observe your progress or lack thereof over weeks, months.

A few days is not a fair trial period.

Home Online Business

Mistake 1 - No Value

You get paid or get leads by giving something.

Could be your money. This is called paid advertising, or paid marketing.

Could be your time and energy. This is called free marketing, with blogging, article marketing, social media.

Either way you must give to get.

No value? You receive no value.

Running your home online business into the ground becomes a breeze if you bring no value to the table.

Mistake 2 - No Connections

Some people are afraid to use the phone.

I am not kidding.

People, in a people business, are afraid to call people.

If you make no effort to connect with someone on a deeper level - by calling said individual - you find it kinda tough to make money.

Yep, you can make money without working the phones.

But you can develop a connection more easily by working phones.

At least if you don't call every lead, call people who sign up, or join your team.


Mistake 3 - No Persistence

Setting up a 3 week plan is a joke.

Setting up a 6 month or longer plan shows you're serious about running a biz.

Be patient. It takes time to learn all you need to know for prospering online.

Not rocket science here, but you need to acquire and develop certain skills, persistently taking specific steps daily, to succeed.

If you persistently apply these steps, you win.

Home Online Business - Summary

Create value. Make connections. Persist.

Stop running your home online business into oblivion.

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