Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cash Gifting Mastery - How to Convert Prospects

Cash gifting coaches demand 1 skill. The skill is simple. The skill is uncomfortable to develop at times but the rewards of developing the skill outweigh a few moments of discomfort.

The majority of people in the make money online niche never develop the skill. The crowd ignores the 1 success skill responsible for more money making than any other skill. The few who use the secret prosper. Mightily. The secret skill takes discipline to develop but what skill doesn't?

Cash Gifting Mastery

Secret Skill

Listen. Tune in. Listen, learn, prosper. We want someone to listen. Our partner. Our children. Our government. You want to be heard. Fill the void. Listen. You are a problem solver. How can you solve problems, if you never listen for problems? Listeners become learners, who become leaders.

So few really listen. So few tune in. Release agendas. Release your pre-meditated response. Empty your mind. Listen. By listening you tune into a world of value-packed information. You attract blog post ideas. Webinar ideas. Marketing ideas. Make money online ideas. Article ideas. Idea after prospering idea.

Turning a prospect into a team member requires leaping a chasm. A chasm between the problems your prospect experiences and the solution you provide. Your solution becomes attractive by tailoring your offering to the individual's problem.

Example: Dave hates cold calling. He is stressed about chasing people down. He despises the pressures of recruiting. How did you find this out? By shutting up and letting Dave talk. By reading his email intently. By tuning in. By listening. Armed with this information - gleaned by carefully listening to Dave - you match cash gifting with his problem. Gifting involves promoting a concept. No selling. No chasing prospects, no cold calling. Market a website. Present an opportunity. No convincing, no coercing, no recruiting tricks.

Dave likes the idea. Sends you a pledge and pays the admin fee. Bingo, new team member. Listening made it happen. Tuning into Dave's problem, releasing your attachment to outcome, holding an intent to help, and bridging the gap between Dave's problem and your solution.

Shutting Up

Shut up. Close your mouth. Open your ears and eyes. Dave was an easy match. Making money online is not always about finding easy matches though. Sometimes listening more intently is required to discern individual problems. Quiet your mind. Receive all the feedback you need. The answers await. The key resides in the problems, hopes and dreams of each prospect. Conversions happen by listening.

Cash Gifting Listening

Do you listen to cash gifting prospects?

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