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Why Start Cash Gifting?

Cash gifting prospers you without selling a single product or recruiting a single soul. The private activity involves sharing a cash gift and marketing a website to a target market. Why would you start the work at home gig?

How would it feel to pay for everything in cash? Your dream vacation? Your new home? Your child's tuition? Sharing clubs help you prosper quickly, and you deal in cash alone. No credit cards, checks or other currencies. Just cold, hard cash.

Money is freedom. Cash money helps you have more, do more, be more. Offering cash is a kind, prospering act, for what you offer freely returns multiplied.

Here's how sharing clubs work: offer a cash gift, market a website to a target market and receive cash gifts from your target market. No middle man, no product, no service. Follow a simple, duplicable system to market a website and receive cash.

The invitation-only activity prospers you quickly. You can have zero selling, recruiting or marketing experience and succeed fast.

Have you offered cash gifts at a wedding or birthday party? Some cultures form private sharing groups, gifting less fortune individuals in their communities.

Sharing cash is a common custom during holidays too.

Why Cash Gifting?

Sowing and Reaping

Call it karma, or the law of sowing and reaping. You get what you first give. You receive whatever you dish out. Watch how you serve money. Freely? With strings attached? Cash gifting coaches you to release cash freely. The gift is not a 1 for 1 deal: not an investment, loan or payment for goods and services.

It is simply a sum of cash offered to help someone. Cash offered freely returns multiplied. This is what pro gifters know.

Study the wealthiest people on earth. Observe how they release money. Philanthropists generate massive fortunes based on the idea of gifting. Sharing money freely makes you a money magnet. JD Rockefeller offered dimes to people as a kid. He soon became the richest man in history. What he offered freely returned freely.

Generous people rarely find their cupboards bare. Free givers are happy, healthy and generally wealthy people.

Less Work

Sharing clubs do not involve selling or recruiting. Save yourself time and energy. No need to learn a product inside out. No need to study the details, to pitch prospects. No need to pressure prospects into buying a product they have no interest in. No cold-calling, no recruiting, no chasing, no hustling, no coercing, no convincing.

Cash gifting cuts out the middle man, saving you time. Market. That's it. Or plug into a proven system, generating cash on auto-pilot. Use a lead generation system or postcard campaign to establish passive cash flow without lifting a finger.

Forget straining and striving. Forget trying to outhustle the competition. Give freely, share a website, receive generously.

Why Would a Stranger Offer You Cash?

Because intelligent, wealthy people know giving cash freely instantly prospers the giver. The vibes you emit in any moment return to you in some way, shape or form. The kind act feels good, and this good feeling attracts to you more things to feel good about. Law of attraction 101. How you choose to feel creates your reality.


Individuals who cash gift are happy, healthy and wealthy people. They like helping people, and forget the whole "stranger" aspect of sharing clubs that skeptics choose to focus on. We are all connected, so "strangers" don't really exist.

Each kind act sends ripples throughout the Universe, ripples which create a boomerang effect, prospering the free giver.

Tax Break

Cash gifts are tax free to $13,000 in the United States. 13,000 reasons to pledge now. For tax advice please consult a professional.

Free One on One Training

Pledging to The Peoples Program sharing club helps you gain access to personalized, one on one training, boosting your cash flow quickly. Our team wants to get you up and running as soon as possible. Rich, proven marketing tutorials help you target prospects interested in the private activity.

Forget about paying for expensive training seminars, ebooks or online courses. TPP plugs you in for FREE, saving you time and money.

Imagine having access to a private coach who is available for any marketing related questions you have. Call your coach via their cell phone, or Skype. Reach them by email or on social networks. Connect, learn, prosper.

Plug In

Do you want to spend more time with the family? Are you working full time? Plug into a proven system. Use postcards to drive leads to your website. Plug into a lead generation system to build your list on auto-pilot. Plugging in makes gifting a 100% hands-free, automated cash generating system, since sharing clubs are marketing-based.

Get Cash

Receiving $125 to $8000 cash gifts on a regular basis makes your life easier. Pay the bills and have plenty left over. Erase credit card debt. Take a cruise and pay for the trip with cash. Make a down payment on your dream home with cash.

If you are sick of paying by credit, or being in debt, or not having enough cash to make your dreams come true, dig deeper into sharing clubs.

Why Start Cash Gifting? - Summary

The private, invitation only activity involves offering a cash gift, sharing a website and receiving cash gifts. Cut out the middle man; no product to sell or service to push in gifting. Less effort, less time, more money. What you offer freely returns multiplied, meaning your bank roll grows quickly as you engage in gifting. Wealthy individuals realize our one-ness, and offer money freely to individuals to become magnetic to cash. Participating in sharing clubs offers you a tax break in the United States. Plug into a proven system and take advantage of free, one on one training which private gifting coaches offer you.

If you like the idea of sharing clubs, dig deeper into cash gifting now.

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