Thursday, April 19, 2012

What Are Cash Gifting Programs and How Do They Benefit You?

Cash gifting programs are groups of like-minded people who enjoy paying it forward.

Gifting is not a business, nor investment opportunity. The private activity is sharing the gift of freedom: cash.

Sharing clubs boost your finances, in a weird way. Offer a cash pledge to your coach, gain an invite into the club, then share the opportunity with people interested in sharing clubs. Kind folks see your website, give you gifts.

No selling, no recruiting. Simply pledge, market, and receive gifts.

Cash Gifting Programs

Who would give you a cash gift? Kind people. People who know releasing cash freely creates a boomerang effect. What you offer freely becomes multiplied.

Cash gifting programs like The People Program share free training to help you connect with gifters. People with the sharing mindset want to prosper you, and many want to prosper with gifting too.


* In the United States cash gifts are tax free up to $13,000(for tax advice consult a professional)

* No product or service to peddle.

* Deal in cash money. Imagine how it would feel to pay for everything in cash?

* Free 1 on 1 Training Learn how to prosper from pros.

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