Sunday, April 15, 2012

Making Money Online Quickly by Playing like a Whacked Out Kid - 3 Steps

Online entrepreneurs can make money online by playing. Lighten up. Laugh. Pull back. Attract.

Carry a playful, confident vibe in all you do. Relax. Force negates. Power attracts. Powerful people attract money and more neat things by maintaining posture, and playing frequently.

Maintaining a light, playful air helps you attract things which make you feel playful. Attracting more dough? Yeah, that's something to feel playful about.

On the flip side, maintaining a serious, strained vibe attracts serious, strained conditions. More hard work. Poverty. All types of terrible situations. All because you refused to be playful. Dumb, right?

Make Money Online

1 - Take Breaks

Kids take breaks, right? Time outs. Adults need them too.

Make money online by taking frequent breaks. Pull back. Step away from the laptop. Pull back to attract inspirational ideas. To move into effective action.

Take 10 minute breaks each hour. Spend 1 to 2 hours daily in personal development. Pull back. Prosper.

2 - Dance

Kids dance. A lot.

You need to dance a lot. Dancing lifts your vibe, making you magnetic to money and other freeing forms of substance. Keep fixed on this idea: do what it takes to vibe high, to attract circumstances which help you vibe even higher.

Bust a move.....Now!

3 - Sing

Kids sing, even if their songs are terrible. Don't care. They are happy.

Song and dance, right? Sing. Dance. Prosper. Singing elevates your vibration. Higher vibe folks attract high vibe folks, many of whom are prospering.

Sing now. Belt out a tune. Prosper.

Big Mistake

The MISTAKE of mistakes: doing stuff like singing and dancing, or taking breaks, is an absolute waste of time. Wow. What an error in thinking.

You get what you choose to see. You receive according to how you vibe. If you raise your level of vibration all things good move into your life with increasing ease.

Master manifestors know this. By doing silly, loosy-goosy things, you attract neat stuff, like money.

Make Money Online - Summary

Pull back and rest. Your best ideas pop up when you are not looking for them. Dance. Sing, and make money online by playing a heck of a lot more.

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