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Making Money Online by Running a Kick A** Cash Gifting Blog - 5 Tips

Blogs build tremendous authority. Scan the web. Top bloggers gain fame, fortune and a ton of hungry prospects willing to consume whatever said blogger offers. Making money online with blogging takes time but the patient online entrepreneur is prospered. Gain expertise by running an informative and entertaining blog.

Post daily. Newspapers publish daily and your cash gifting blog is a newspaper for your niche. Listen to your audience. Study each team member. Note patterns. I see many of my team members vibe with concepts like sowing and reaping, or the law of attraction. Knowing this, I create targeted content to attract like-minded, prospering people to me.

Prospering bloggers make connections with leaders in their niche. Reach out to top shelf bloggers and successful gifting coaches. Form a mastermind alliance with pros to expand your reach and leverage your presence.

Making Money Online with Cash Gifting

1 - Solve Problems

Individuals need a problem solver. Prospects want more money. Prospects want more free time. Prospects want to generate cash gifts on auto-pilot. Each problem, or each desire, yearns to find a high energy solution. Be the solution provider. Listen to your audience. Find problems. Find opportunities. Tailor your blog posts to the dreams, hopes, and issues of your audience. Open up your ears and eyes. Shut your mouth. Solve problems with your content.

2 - Use Video

Use video to build your brand. Videos create an instant bond with your audience. Aim for the 3 to 5 minute range, tops, with most videos lasting 1 to 3 minutes. Attention spans wane fast. Use keywords in your title and description. Target your audience. Include video in a number of your blog posts to remind your audience of the person behind your blog. Remind your prospects that yes, a living, talking, breathing being pens your posts. Include a text version of each video. Transcribing posts makes your content more attractive to people who prefer to read.

Cash Gifting Blog - Making Money Online with Keywords

3 - Use Keywords

Use keywords in each post to target your cash gifting market. Kick a** blogs speak to the right audience. Hold the intent to reach as many prospects from your niche with each blog post. Write 600 word posts to make your blog desirable to search engines. Use the keyword once in the title. Include the keyword once in the first and last paragraphs and once in a set of h1 tags. Write naturally, write for people. Work your keyword in after writing a naturally flowing article that people can digest easily. Do not write a post with proper optimization. Keep your specific audience in mind before penning a post.

4 - Share in the Right Spots

Bookmark your posts across social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Use Zimbio and pingomatic to spread the word. Post to Facebook groups relevant to your niche. Take time to find your target audience on social networks. FB Pages offer you another in-demand posting spot. Post on relevant LinkedIn groups to turbo-charge targeted traffic and make money online quickly. Share each post on multiple networks. Boost your page rank. Drive more targeted leads to your website. Prosper.

5 - Create an Irresistible Call to Action

Post a delicious offer on your blog. Include an opt-in form or widget linked to a squeeze page. Add immense value with your offering. Attract prospects to your list, to build strong relationships with interested individuals. Over deliver. Give freely, offering top shelf content, to receive scores of leads who opt-in. Make your offering relevant to the gifting niche.

Making Money Online - Cash Gifting Blog

Create immense value for your prospects. Making money online with your cash gifting blog becomes easier if you post daily. Persist to boost your cash flow with amazing speed.
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