Monday, April 9, 2012

How to Use Google Plus for Driving Overflowing Traffic to your Home Business Website

Google Plus is growing like wildfire, an absolute boon for your online business. I add 10 to 15 people to my circles daily without spending more than 10 minutes on the social network. One mind-blowing benefit of Plus: people who have you in their circles see your top updates when querying google. For example, someone who has me in their circles queries "cash gifting" on google. My squeeze page pops up on the first page.

Stupid authority this builds, this neat benefit of G Plus. Combine the search/circle feature with the sick growth of the network and you can drive an absolute deluge of traffic to your website from the social site. Use the success formula: add value, become valuable. Share keyword-rich, valuable, relevant updates on Plus to attract prospects. Sow. Reap. Give 100% to live 100%.

Driving Home Business Traffic with Google Plus

1 - Share Value

You get what you give. Want cash gifting or home business traffic? Share valuable posts teaching people how to prosper with your home based opportunity. Study pro's articles and blog posts for research material, take notes, write valuable articles and blog posts. Keep each post unique; posting new content every 2 to 5 hours makes your G Plus feed irresistible to hungry prospects.

2 - Share Friend's Updates

Become a popular G Plusser. Share your buddies' content. Popular social networkers know giving freely precedes receiving generously. Share content. Other friends share some of your content, expanding your presence and making you a traffic generating machine. Give without strings attached. No 1 for 1 deal here, simply give for the joy of it and watch how easy getting becomes.

3 - Post Daily

Maintain an active presence on Google Plus. Post 2 to 5 times - or more - daily. Imagine reading a newspaper that publishes once weekly? Why would anybody care about your G Plus feed if you stop by and share once every 7 days? Keep the fresh, relevant content flowing. Write new posts. New articles. New videos.

Create consistently, share on the network, prosper.

4 - Avoid Stuffing the Feed

I have been guilty of this desperate act: stuffing the feed. Even if content is fresh, nobody pays attention to your updates if you post every minute, or 10 minutes. Chill-lax. Pull back. Take a deep breath. Feed-stuffing is rooted in desperation, and a desperate vibe is repelling. Create helpful content. Share helpful content. Space out at least every 30 minutes to help readers digest your material.

Generating Home Business Traffic with Google Plus - Summary

Share immense value on G Plus to drive traffic to your website. Share friend's updates to expand your presence, as some friends share your content too. Give freely, receive generously. Post daily. Maintain an active presence on Plus to program individuals to respond to your updates. Avoid stuffing the feed. The act gives off a desperate, needy vibe. Focus on adding immense value, become clickable.

Follow each tip persistently to drive a stunning amount of traffic to your home business website daily.

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