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Generating an Outrageous Number of Home Business Leads on Twitter - 6 Tips

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Boost your home business leads into orbit by using twitter. The platform grows your opportunity quickly if you stick to the basics. Add value, become valuable. Create good things for others, others bring good things to you. Tweet immense value. Keep tweets original. Automate to send out consistent updates and engage persistently to grow your team.

Generating Home Business Leads on Twitter

1 - Tweet Original Content

Keep the fresh content coming. Tweet new blog posts and articles to fill your stream with unique, relevant content. Fresh content means a ton of new followers and more retweets. The more you create the less you compete. Provide value to your followers to increase lead generation. Never hold back. Over-deliver. Create massive amounts of lead bait in the form of content.

Create new blog posts daily. Write new articles. Shoot and upload new videos to tweet on the social network. Creators prosper tremendously on twitter or any network. Creators compete against no one.

2 - Retweet

Retweet frequently to grow your follower base and increase leads. How it works: retweet others, some retweet you, your content reaches hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands of followers you would never reach if you didn't retweet frequently. Free givers prosper. Sharing people are popular. Sharers grow massive networks quickly because kind people attract kind people, and leaders, and high energy types who readily share their content. Keep retweeting daily to drum up business, or receive cash gifts, at a breakneck pace. Cash gifting coaches who RT other coaches prosper quickly.

3 - Optimize Your Profile

I am Ryan Biddulph. I help you prosper with cash gifting. Now you know what I do. Now proper keywords show up on my profile. Now google likes me more, and I place better in search engies, and people clearly see how I can help them, so people find me with greater ease. Find perfect matches. Optimize your profile. State how you can benefit others and be sure to include your home based business keyword in the Bio box or About Me portion of your page.

4 - Smiling Picture

This one baffles me. Too many include serious pictures. Few want to work with a serious person, most seek out happy, smiling laughing people to prosper with. A smiling face is one of the stronger lead generators. Nothing like disarming your audience with a shiny, colorful, happy image of you showing off your toothy grin. Get the lighting down, smile, prosper.

5 - Engage

Ask questions. Provide answers. Chatters prosper. Chatters generate more leads because social people give off a high energy, prospering vibe which resonates with interested people, who opt-in. Grow your list with lightning speed. Ask how people are doing. Ask niche related questions. Keep asking, keep answering, keep prospering. How you engage dictates how your business grows. Maintain a 2 way twitter street. One way streets are boring. People tune you out. No leads.

6 - Have Fun Darnit!

Enjoy the hell out of tweeting. Smiling, laughing and partying your way through twitter gives off an abundant vibe, which attracts abundance to you. Cool how that works, right? Ease up. Lighten up. It's personal, not business, this social media stuff.

Generating Home Business Leads on Twitter - Recap

Tweet unique, original content to draw in fresh leads. Retweet frequently to expand your presence, grow your network and get fresh eyeballs on your website, as some of the people you retweet return the kind act. Optimize your profile with keywords to target followers and make your benefits clear to interested people. Include a smiling, engaging picture to draw in leads like bees to honey. We want to work with smiling, happy people, like me. Engage frequently. Make things interesting by chatting people up....and just have fun darnit.

Generate home business leads on twitter quickly and prosper.

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