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3 Tactics Which Utterly Disgust Cash Gifting Prospects

Turning off cash gifting prospects can be disastrous. Repelling people kills your rep as a coach. Attract, do not repel. Know what cheeses people off, so you stop doing it.

Attracting people makes your life 1000 times easier. Write helpful content. Lay out breadcrumbs. Go outside. Go out to eat. Heck, party up. Pull back from your work. As your keyword-rich, SEOed out content rises up the search engines, passive, steady, targeted traffic eats up your content, opts-in to your website and joins your home based opportunity.

You make money with less effort when you attract, when you stop repelling and disgusting your target market.

Let's look at 3 tactics which make prospects heave.

3 Tactics Which Make Cash Gifting Prospects Hurl

1 - Blatant Spamming

Posting your capture page link over and over makes people hurl. It shows you have nothing to offer. Teach me. Prosper me. Show me how to make money with cash gifting programs. A chimp can press a button to post a capture page. You can do better. Do better. Establish authority. Write articles. Teach and prosper.

The number of tweets or Facebook updates published means nothing. The quality of each update means everything. Make your content top shelf, and attract rich people, and become rich. Simple formula.

2 - Get Off the Hype Train

Promising millions in weeks is not honest. Who do you hope to attract? People who want something for nothing? Of course! Lazy people want millions without earning millions. Leaders know that: 1 - You must work for your millions, and 2 - You must shell out money for paid advertising, if you intent to make money really, really quickly. Get before you give. Sow, reap. Give freely, then you receive generously.

Yes you can prosper quickly with gifting. Making $1000 in a week or 2 is possible but you must have a proven system in place and you must work it. Making $50,000 a week claims right off the bat rings hollow, and makes people puke.

3 - Rude Pitches

Do not press your business card into my hand at a party, or I might sock you. OK, I will sock you. Rude, tacky and desperate. Posting an ad on my Wall or @replying me with an ad or DMing me with an ad, same deal as the business card crap at the party. Rude, tacky, desperate, makes me upchuck. Disgusting.

Attract. Provide attractive, helpful content which inspires me to opt-in to your website. Then I can learn more. Then I can ask you about your opportunity, and maybe we can work together to prosper. Rude pitches are weak. Scream of desperation. Attracting prospects from a calm, confidence place is a powerful quality. Come from a place of power, not force.

Disgusting Cash Gifting Prospects - Summary

Posting your squeeze page non-stop makes people upchuck. Stop it. Offer something of value to become valuable. Get off the hype train dammit. Ridiculous, making million dollar claims in weeks. Get real. Stop attracting lazy, get rich quick types. Give before you get. Save the rude pitches unless you want a cyber fist to the mouth.

Attract cash gifting prospects and make money online with blazing speed.

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