Sunday, April 15, 2012

3 Easy Tips to Get Cash Gifting Referrals with Lightning Speed

Cash gifting referrals can fuel your club. Word of mouth advertising is that powerful.

People who know people can blow your team up fast. But you need to follow basic steps to get gifting referrals.

Why generate referrals? To branch out quickly. To make money more quickly.

Cash Gifting Referrals

1 - Be Social

Social butterflies make big dough by word of mouth advertising. Someone might not be ready to start cash gifting but they know someone who is prepared to start. 1 reference, 1 new prospect, 1 potential team member.

Open up. Be social, social people find you, or people become more social around you.

2 - Share

You get what you give. Seek abundance? Prosperity is all around you. Keep giving. Help others. Give freely, receive generously.

Retweet. Facebook Share. Give so freely that you forget about receiving. Keep cutting the strings. Release from outcomes, detach from any 1-for-1 deals. Continue to give freely.

Sharing people grow massive networks. Everybody likes givers. All dig a generous, kind person.

3 - Intend to Make Others Successful

Make other's success a priority. You naturally do whatever it takes to live a life of service. As friends sense your intent, a majority become eager to help you grow your home business or activity.

Make it your primary goal to help others achieve success. Keep reaching out, and hold your intent.

Cash Gifting Referrals

Be social, share, and intend to make others successful for more cash gifting referrals fast.

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