Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why You Fail at Cash Gifting and How to Fix It

Cash gifting failure is rooted in 2 key components: lack of value and lack of consistency. Create value, become valuable. Persist in spreading your message, people respond to your message.

The struggle associated with failure can be paralyzing. I know what it's like to go weeks without opt-ins, and months without cash gifts. Failure sucks, plain and simple. But you need to be honest with yourself to get at the root cause of your failure so you can make successful changes in your marketing campaign.

Cash Gifting Failure

Gifting failures refuse to follow a proven system. Ignore the basics: sharing strong content to an expanding network of people. This is a given, and I see struggling gifters ignore this basic idea. Add value, become valuable.

If some gifters do follow a proven system they fail to work it persistently. No, writing 1 article a week does not cut it. Nor does writing 2 a week. Or 3 in 1 week, and no articles over the next 3 weeks. Lack of consistency kills most folks. Blows their cash gifting club right out of the water.

You program people to respond to your message if you are persistent, and the message is value-packed. Rich people know this. Poor people ignore this. Successes stick to it. Failures avoid it. Failures make excuses: no time to create value, or to do it on a persistent basis. Winners just do it, plain and simple.

Cash Gifting Success

Create a pulsating, driving "Why" within your being. Focus on the idea why you chose gifting systems. Generate the emotion frequently. Bathe in the feeling. Breathe it in. This is your inspiring factor, the X factor, the driver, the motivator, when things turn tough.

If you face resistance you will quit unless you have a strong "Why". Throw in the towel. Stop working your club. You quit all together, because you believe that the circumstance is greater than your dream.

If you have a powerful "Why", you never quit. Situations surrender to your reason "Why". You double up your efforts. You persist, no matter what. You write articles daily. You post videos. You never give up. You program people to respond to your message. You generate more gifts. All because you identified your driver, your motivator, and held it.


Winners know why they are in gifting. Successes create value on a persistent basis to program their audience to respond to their calls to action.

Now you know why you might be failing at cash gifting and how to address the error.

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