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Making Money Online for Struggling Entrepreneurs - 7 Tips

Making money online is a tremendous chore for struggling entrepreneurs. The prospering act seems like an impossibility but with a key steps taken daily you can begin to acquire wealth with greater ease. Detaching from outcomes is the turning point. Make money by not trying to make money.

Provide value. Make strong connections. Change your intent so money flows to you with greater ease. People who struggle to make money are trying too hard. Force negates. Calm down. Relax. Come from a place of power, not force.

Making Money Online for Struggling Entrepreneurs

1 - Detach from Outcomes

Detaching from outcomes helps you make money online with alarming speed. Cash gifting or MLM success flows to the calm, confident detached entrepreneur. Meditate daily for 20 minutes. Meditation helps you observe your feelings, allowing you to detach from outcomes. You let people, circumstances and money go if you are a consistent meditator. You simply stay in the moment.

2 - Solve Problems

You can create content until the cows come home but if the content doesn't solve problems you make little money. Observe this post: I targeted struggling entrepreneurs, and I share practical, actionable tips which solve common problems of struggling entrepreneurs.

I have been there, struggling to make money. By following each step daily I began to make money with increasing ease. I address similar problems with each piece of content I create.

3 - Speak to the Right Audience

Stop wasting your time speaking to an uninterested audience. Target your market by using keywords. Include a keyword once in the first sentence, once in the last sentence, once in the title, and twice in h1 tags. Using keywords speaks to your audience directly, saving you a ton of time as you market your opportunity.

Never create content unless it is targeted. Visualize your audience before writing a post or shooting a video to keep your goal in mind.

4 - Use Paid Marketing

If you can afford to use paid marketing like postcards or lead generation, do it. If you can't afford to use paid marketing, do it. Sacrifice. Put the charge on your credit card, or ask someone for money. I don't care what uncomfortable thing you have to do, do it. Why? Using powerful paid marketing methods like postcards can bring in massive leads which builds your confidence and helps you make money.

5 - Engage in Personal Development

Spend 1 to 2 hours minimum each day meditating, visualizing, affirming and studying self-help books. If you struggle financially you carry low energy, limiting beliefs around money. The quickest way to expose and release these limiting beliefs is to engage in serious, comprehensive personal development.

Make a full commitment to self help. Do it daily, no excuses. If today passes and you didn't work on your mental tools for 1 to 2 hours, it's your fault, and your financial struggles will continue.

6 - Laugh

Laugh. Lighten up. You are too serious and strained around money, and repel it. If you had money and were prospering daily you would laugh. The feelings you choose to generate attract your reality. As within, so without. Begin feeling like you would if you made money online frequently. Take frequent breaks. Go out and celebrate. Maintaining this vibe attracts to you the ideas, people and circumstances which create money in your life.

7 - Spend Money Freely

5 cents of $500 dollars, it makes no difference to the Universe. The energy you feel while spending money dictates how much money you make. Give like a miser, the Universe is stingy with you. Give freely, you are showered with money. This is why many people who give freely to charities or philanthropy make a great deal of money.

Making Money Online for Struggling Entrepreneurs

Detach from outcomes and solve problems with your content to make more money. Speak to the right audience with keywords and use paid marketing to increase cash flow and boost your confidence. Engage in personal development and laugh, lifting your vibe and making you magnetic to money. Spend money freely to receive money easily.

Making money online becomes a breeze for struggling entrepreneurs if you follow each tip persistently.

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