Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How to Cut Your Workload by 50% and Generate Twice as Many Cash Gifting Leads

Cash gifting leads seem tough to come by for struggling gifters.

You might feel it's impossible to bring folks into your club. If you are throwing your arms up in frustration, this post is for you. I have been there.

Pissed off when you look at your inbox. Desperate when you speak to 1 prospect, because it's your first opt-in in weeks. This hurts, really stings.

You need not work harder. You need not kill yourself with 18 hour days. You need to work more intelligently. More effectively. Just work smarter.

Cash Gifting Leads

I split my work days in half 3 months ago. I generate 2X, 3X, heck, 10X as many leads, on some days. Not rocket science here. Just smart acts, daily.

Create content daily. 1 blog post. Post the article to various article directories. This expands your presence and targets your market. Do it daily.

Creating value makes you valuable. If you receive little value - no gifts, no leads - you are not creating enough value to generate interest.

Nobody cares about someone who posts their cash gifting squeeze page all day long. People care about someone who helps them, with valuable posts and articles.

Cash Gifting Leads - Aggressive Promotion

Promote the living stuffing out of others. Promote people as much as you promote yourself. Retweet and Facebook share every blog post you read. Every one.

If you are struggling your network is too small. If people with 5000 or 10,000 person audiences promoted you, you would generate 20 leads daily.

People with 5000 or 10,000 person audiences promote you after you promote them aggressively. Everybody loves a giver. Nobody cares about a selfish person.

This is not a 1 for 1 deal. Do not promote with strings attached. Give freely, receive generously. Give to help someone out, and people help you out.

Persist with this strategy every day. The magic bullet is not so magical, it's creating value daily and promoting the hell out of people. Every day.

The "daily" part is where most people fail. 1 day, 2 days, that's it. If you make excuses, you struggle. If you work daily, you prosper in less time.

You can halve your day and generate twice as many leads, or 10 times as many leads, but you have to create value and promote others daily.

The practice expands your presence like no other strategy, and becomes really easy if you practice it every day, because it becomes a habit.

Habits are born in daily acts. If you do something daily, you make it a habit. Once a habit becomes strong enough, you go on auto-pilot. You just do it.

How do you generate more cash gifting or network marketing leads in less time?

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