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Dealing with Internet Scam Busters - 5 Tips

Dealing with internet scam busters scares prospective home based entrepreneurs. Most people shy away from resistance, which is why most people fail in the online arena. As your presence grows you face skeptics, scam busters, and all types of miserable, unhappy people who attempt to project their unhappiness on you.

Instead of engaging these unhappy folks decide to leave them be. Devote your energies to higher ideals, like sharing value with your target market and making strong connections. Scam busters sit on a karmic sinking ship; no need to jump on board as the boat goes under.

By effectively dealing with this crowd you reduce stress and become more successful quickly.

Dealing With Internet Scam Busters

1 - Avoid Taking Things Personally

The attack or provocation has everything to do with the unhappy person, and nothing to do with you. Get past taking things personally. This crowd is unhappy with what they do for a living, and chooses to be AGAINST, instead of FOR whatever they do.

Since it has nothing to do with you, ignore this crowd. Allow them to find other, unhappy people, who are more than willing to fight them.

2 - Press Delete

The delete button is one of the miracles of the internet age. In 1 second you can delete or block someone for good. Time is precious. Delete people who are argumentative, or who purposefully want to rile you.

Understand this: a leader approaches you with a high energy question. Like, "What is cash gifting, I heard it might be a scam?". No need to delete these folks, who engage in intelligent discussion. I am addressing the low energy, unhappy people who wish to whiz all over your parade. Delete them, release them for good, to make room for 10 high energy matches.

3 - Never Explain

The urge is to fight these folks. Never engage. Never fight a charging bull. Never reason with an unhappy person. You owe nobody an explanation. Why attempt to convince someone not interested in your online opportunity? Hundreds of more people who are hungry and willing to get started today, waiting for you to find them, and explain your opportunity to them.

No fighting. No explaining. No engaging. Sometimes, a friend might be having a bad day. Even you choose to too engage, or explain, or you risk creating a rift in your friendship. Or, if the pestering continues, this person is not your friend. Release and move on.

4 - Embrace Growth

Facing scam busters is a sign of rapid growth. Leave your comfort zone, uncomfortable things happen. In time, you no longer feel uncomfortable dealing with this crowd because you stop taking things personally.

You celebrate resistance as a sign of massive growth, which is great for you. Growing fast presents you with opportunities to deal with all types of people. Individuals with different viewpoints, different levels of tact, different perspectives, and different disciplines. Many people are mentally undisciplined, and will react instead of respond. Accept this, and take the high road, because you choose to control your mind.

5 - Be More For

As you embrace resistance continue to devote your energies to your craft. Instead of fighting you decide to write a blog post, or article, or shoot a video helping your team or prospects prosper with your opportunity.

Wisdom brings you peace, calmness, and serenity in dealing with unhappy people who seek out scams. This wisdom is rooted in experience. You learn that devoting your attention to a type of person makes that person appear again and again, and moving your attention away from the person makes them disappear.

Dealing with Internet Scam Busters - Summary

Never take things personally. Unhappy people are unhappy with their life, and might choose to project their low energy crap on you, in the form of "scam busting". Use the delete button to release these people for good. Never explain yourself to this crowd; they are not owed any explanation. Embrace running into this group of folks as a sign of growth, and be more for, devoting your energies to creating good things for people in your niche.

Dealing with internet scam busters is tough at first but by following each tip you learn to release these individuals instantly.

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