Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cash Gifting Tip - How to Electrify Your Audience with Blitzkrieg Tweeting

Cash gifting tweeting is about hitting the stream frequently.

Now, we are not doing the war thing here, so the blitzkrieg thing is not about attacking.

Power. Not force. But to be seen, you must be seen.

Maintain an active presence in the stream. Show up and be noticed.

Unless you have 100,000 followers one tweet a day is not going to cut it.

Cash Gifting Tweeting

Hit twitter every few hours with tweets every 5 minutes.

Short, random bursts of tweeting make an impress on the twitter stream.

You live in cycles. High energy bursts mixed with moderate energy bursts, and if you are aligned properly, low energy bursts are infrequent.

Or hopefully, non-existent if you are meditating enough.

You tweet to a stream. People read the stream. People note the small, tweet bursts more readily than 1 or 2 tweets sent out a day, or every few hours.

Space cash gifting or any other type of tweets out by 5 minutes. Do this at least 3 to 4 times a day. Tweet 10 to 12 times per hour

Use an automation tool to set up tweets in this fashion.

Tweets must be value-packed. Avoid tweeting out your squeeze page or affiliate page all day, people eventually ignore it, and you get few clicks.

If you try getting before you give, your tweet game goes to custard. You get fewer clicks as you work harder, a terrible combination.

Cash Gifting - Kill Fear

Watch the urge to do things from a place of fear, and release it.

Many fear spamming or filling the stream, lacking faith in self and their value-packed tweets.

If fear drives you expect crappy results. If faith drives you expect awesome results.

This approach made my blog traffic skyrocket, but there is 1 important consideration to note.

Watch your feelings as you set up your tweets. If you feel desperate to reach a certain number each hour, stop tweeting and relax.

Desperation is a negative emotion, a repelling emotion. Tweet from a calm, confident place.

Of course you must interact on twitter daily. Retweet, engage, reach out, ask questions, offer answers.

Thank every single one of your RTers. Engaging tweeters get more clicks than a bot, or a 1 way tweeter who never shares their stream.

Watch the fear of spamming, release it. Hit twitter with short bursts of value-packed tweets. Hey, have fun! This is supposed to be fun, right?

How to you set up electrifying cash gifting or home based business tweets daily? What is your approach?

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