Monday, March 5, 2012

Cash Gifting Tip - How to Deal with Boorish Ignorant People

Cash gifting coaches run into resistance. Just like MLM or network marketing coaches or hell, any person on earth!

The minute you feel passionate about something, people who do not feel passionate about their life let you know that what you're doing is wrong.

Or silly. Or a waste of time. Or ANYTHING NEGATIVE. You see, their lack of clarity manifests as a personal attack, delivered in a rude and boorish manner.

On the flip side, an educated, intelligent, confident leader might ask questions about gifting, to dig a little deeper. These people believe in self.

Their behavior reflects this. So it's OK to answer questions from a nice person, but it's not OK to debate a low energy idiot. Why?

Because nothing is more important than that you feel good. Nothing. Do not engage a charging bull, just get out of the way.

Do not engage an idiot, release an idiot. How do you do this online?

Cash Gifting Dingbats

Delete the individual from your life. Delete the comment. Delete them on a social network. They had their chance to prove their intelligence, and lost it.

Do not waste time. Time is precious. Do not waste ONE SECOND of your precious life explaining yourself, or what you do, for you owe it to no one.

Do not care about what your audience thinks. Trust me. If they vibe with you, they would delete the person too. Quickly. If they don't vibe, release them.

This is so tough for most people, because most people want to be right, not happy. Most want to put people in their place, or "look good" for friends.

This is lunacy, and is rooted in the fear of criticism, or the fear of simply not being liked, or approved. It is insane, really, not deleting these folks.

Cash Gifting - Important Note

Disagreeing is fine. I am approached by intelligent, high energy folks who want to learn more about cash gifting. So I help them out. I educate. I inform.

Do not delete every person who might initially disagree with you, BUT ends their disagreement with a question, or wants to learn more. Teach. Inform.

But as for the dingbats, the rude, angry people unclear on what they do for a living, so they project it on you, delete them for good. Let them go.

Do not engage them! Not for 1 second.

These people are not leaders. Leaders do not troll on boards, and criticize. Leaders are too busy helping people, to have time to criticize.

It is the sign of a small person to attack, the sign of an ignorant, little, person. And you want to convince these people? Nope. Release them for good.

This is weakness, manifest. The attack. Weakness is a repelling quality. Release, and let go the low energies. Let go and grow.

Impress this idea on your mind today: You owe nobody an explanation for anything. Anything. You need not explain a single thing.

This statement holds especially true if people criticize what you do for a living, or your choices. Absolutely delete these people online and offline.

You will be happier, healthier and a hell of a lot wealthier if you practice instantly deleting these folks, because 10 high energy peeps take their place.

How do you deal with ignorant, boorish people, whether in cash gifting or MLM?

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