Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cash Gifting Posture - Accept Matches

As your cash gifting club grows you reach all types of folks.

Some are bad matches. Some good.

Cash Gifting Posture

Accept good matches. Release bad matches. This is posture.

Pick and choose. More good matches show up. Accept any pledge who comes down the pike, and you create a recipe for bad matches. No discernment.

A toughie, for sure, if you struggle. But your struggles subside as you develop posture, meaning you no longer come from a desperate, needy, scared place in selecting team members.

How to do it? Practice. If a bad match shows up - an impatient, or greedy, low energy person - tell them so. Nothing personal. Not a good match. Let 'em go.

This is a killer for coaches who accept anything that comes down the pike, but these types are broke, or struggle to stay above water. Habitually scan your list, your hot leads. Qualified? Leaders? Or not.

Release non-leaders to make room for leaders. Easy peasy. Uncomfortable at first, but it gets more fun.

Cash gifting clubs are groups of kind people. Release anyone not fitting this MO. Prosper.

Cash Gifting Matches

Accept matches and kick all bad, low energy matches, to the curb, to make room for better matches.

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